Why Paul Bernardoni will leave the Girondins during the transfer window – Girondins

Paul Bernardoni should be the player who will be transferred most quickly during this transfer window to the Girondins side. In a closed Ligue 1 market, sales opportunities are rare. We tell you why Paul Bernardoni will be transferred this summer.

There is no room for him at the Girondins

Unless there is an unlikely turnaround, Paul Bernardoni will not play with the Girondins next season. Loaned every season since his signing in Bordeaux in 2016, the Marine et Blanc have never counted on him.

Among the Girondins, the place in the goals is firmly occupied by Benoît Costil. Captain of the Girondins de Bordeaux, Benoît Costil embodies the Bordeaux project. As part of the locker room, he is the main relay for coach Paulo Sousa. In addition, he extended his contract last season until 2022 with a nice salary increase (€ 180,000 gross per month according to L'Équipe).

Paul Bernardoni has the level to be number 1 in goals. Bordeaux cannot therefore have two number 1 in its workforce. Neither Costil nor Bernardoni would accept it.

He is a player who is popular in Ligue 1

Paul Bernardoni has just played two seasons in Ligue 1 as a starting player. It was with the Nîmes Olympique that he made his ranges in the French championship. He has delivered solid performances this season highlighting his qualities on the line and his stature in the cages.

At 23, he was an international hopeful player 18 times. He is one of the hopes of French football in this position. Likewise, he has his head on his shoulders. He climbs the steps to the top level step by step. He therefore enjoys a good hill in the French Championship.

Its potential is significant, because it benefits from a good margin of progression. It is only at the start of his career.

Bordeaux can close an easy sale

The financial difficulties of the Girondins de Bordeaux are known. Paul Bernardoni represents the greatest opportunity of this transfer window for Bordeaux. In a market that will be closed this season due to the Covid-19 crisis, the fate of the goalkeeper simply takes shape.

Several Ligue 1 clubs have already positioned themselves on the list of contenders. The player's salary estimated today at 110,000 € gross per month is an element to take into account. It will also cost between € 8 and € 10 million in transfer compensation to free him from his last three years of contract.

Currently, Nîmes seems too short financially to allow it to settle permanently in the Gard. Unlike Angers, which seems to be holding the rope and has already offered 6M € to Bordeaux, without success for the moment. SCO is looking for a replacement for Ludovic Butelle (37). Negotiations are underway to sign Bernardoni. Bordeaux will not let this opportunity pass.

In the end, all the lights are green for the transfer of Paul Bernardoni this summer. It’s just a matter of days or weeks to find out the name of his new club.

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