We will never forget you, Mr. Hidalgo – Around OM

Behind Michel Hidalgo, this little gentleman with delicacy, politeness and kindness, hid a guide, a giant. A French football giant, without whom the latter would perhaps still be at the stone age when he found him when he took the reins of the France team in 1976. Two years later, he finally returns the Blues in the world cup after twelve years of absence. It especially incubates an exceptional generation like France had never known, with the Platini, Giresse, Six, Trésor, Lacombe, Bossis, and other Rocheteau, later joined by Tigana, Amoros, Fernandez or even Bats. The Blues tu the absolute masterpiece in Seville one summer evening in 1982. A masterpiece spoiled by Germany of the infamous Schumacher in a semi-final lost on penalties. But, whatever, a team was born and the French, for whom football was limited to the Greens of Saint-Etienne, stuck in the game. The promise is kept and Michel Platini will raise the first trophy in the history of the Blues two years later by winning Euro 84 in France. Michel Hidalgo will then deem the moment opportune to bow out by giving way to Henri Michel. In the process, as if to pay tribute to him, Platoche and his gang will accomplish another masterpiece in Mexico by eliminating Brazil in the quarterfinals of the 1986 World Cup, before falling again against the Germans in half . France now counts in the international concert, and it will never stop.

Les Bleus, the big OM, it's him

Also in the summer of 1986, Michel Hidalgo was called to help by a certain Bernard Tapie. The businessman has just taken over OM, and as for the bike, he wants to surround himself with the best: Hidalgo on the bench and Platini on the field. The latter will decline the invitation, but Michel will accept it as a general manager. It is he who will outline the main features of what would become the greatest Olympian epic of all time. He will snatch Alain Giresse from his Bordeaux stronghold, convince the best central defender in the world Karl-Heinz Förster and steal a certain Jean-Pierre Papin who had just signed a pre-contract in Monaco. Out of darkness by his Minots a few years before, OM will become a winning machine with Mr. Hidalgo. A show machine too, because you should never forget that it was under his impetus that the Vélodrome became essential for the Marseillais. Michel was a lover of the game and he wanted to transmit this love to as many people as possible. This is what he will do until 1991 in the shadow of his hypermedia boss and the stars he has meticulously chosen on the ground.

A benevolent giant with everyone, stars and strangers

The under 30s (and even older) did not experience the birth of the football king at OM, but the oldest remember these empty spans of Vel 'before this glorious period, the most beautiful of all. In this discretion which will accompany him all his life, Mr. Hidalgo is one of his main pillars. Once retired, he will never stop going to the Vel 'tribune of honor and cherishing his OM. He will never stop talking football with those who continued to call him, he will never refuse to be interviewed whoever his interlocutor, great journalist or obscure intern. This benevolence, now disappeared in football business, has never left him as long as his health allowed him. We cannot thank you enough for all this, Mr. Hidalgo.