US football – The exuberant Rob Gronkowski, former US football star, joins the world of wrestling

The former New England Patriots player, three-time Super Bowl winner, has signed a contract with WWE, the wrestling giant, whose big show he hosts this weekend. bear – 27 cm wingspan, enough to catch the ball as if it were a tennis ball -, his athletic power (1.98 m, 120 kg), his game science and his privileged relationship with Tom Brady who gave him so many dazzling passes made Rob Gronkowski a US football legend. Three Super Bowls won with the New England Patriots, his club forever (2010-2019), the honorary title of best player in history in his position (tight end) .With his touchdown celebration, the "Gronk Spike "(swing the ball as hard as possible), become iconic, and his omnipresence on the talk show platforms, the one who retired a year ago has established himself as an ultra-media character. Gronk lives like the hero of a US comedy, the playful and joker type, falsely boorish, who organizes pool parties during which he takes down the cans of Bud by putting it everywhere. A king of marketing, too, who sells his “Gronkflakes” (his brand of cereals), his donuts and his invigorating drinks. Sports Illustrated once nicknamed him "The Last Happy Guy" because his positive energy was so marked in the midst of tough guys with closed faces. A reconversion that is not surprising March 20, Gronk, 30, started his new life remaining faithful to his character: he entered dancing in any way in a ring of WWE, the main federation of American wrestling. Fan of the discipline – he had already appeared at a show in 2017 -, friend with the wrestler Mojo Rawley, the ex-footballer has often mentioned this retraining which is not surprising given his size and his exuberance. This weekend, he will host Wrestlemania, the high mass of WWE, which usually brings together a hundred thousand spectators but which, this year, was recorded behind closed doors, due to the coronavirus. His jokes will no doubt sound hollow, but they will appeal to viewers (WWE reaches 800 million homes in 180 countries). The conditions of the contract between the wrestling giant and Gronk remain mysterious. Will he make furtive appearances, like certain big mouths of US sport (Mike Tyson, Dennis Rodman, Shaquille O'Neal) or regular fights, like the ex-star of MMA Ronda Rousey? Problem, during his career in the NFL, Gronkowski collected injuries: nine operations, twenty concussions … In August, SummerSlam, one of the main events of the circuit, will take place in Boston, the city of the Patriots, which adores his former champion. Gronk has a few months to convert the world of wrestling to "Gronkmania".