Top Chef 2020 – Diego: why his dream of becoming a footballer was shattered

On February 19, M6 kicked off the new and eleventh season of "Top Chef". The opportunity for viewers to discover the 15 contestants, including the young Diego. Still in the running for this sixth week of competition, he is part of Philippe Etchebest's brigade. Initially, he did not predestined himself for a career behind the stoves. His dream was football.

Top Chef 2020 - Diego: why his dream of becoming a footballer was shattered

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Top Chef 2020 – Diego: why his dream of becoming a footballer was shattered

For the eleventh season of "Top Chef", the production relied on a few novelties, starting with the jury. Following the departure of Jean-François Piège last July, a new chef was called. It is Paul Pairet, a real star in China. Indeed, there are three restaurants there. Viewers also found the "regulars" of the kitchens of "Top Chef", namely Philippe Etchebest, Hélène Darroze and Michel Sarran. Each has composed its brigade with the main objective of going as far as possible in the competition.

Last week, Michel Sarran lost a second member of his brigade, namely Pauline. Just before, Jordan was leaving the competition. Nastasia is therefore the only one to defend her place in the chef's team. As for Hélène Darroze, she can still count on Mallory and David Gallienne. Finally, Philippe Etchebest and Paul Pairet have not lost any member in their team.

"It was hard and long"

This Wednesday, March 25, make way for the sixth week of the culinary competition with two new tests which should once again give a hard time to the nine candidates still in the running. Among them, Diego, the youngest in the culinary competition at only 22 years old. Originally from Ivry-sur-Seine, he dreamed of becoming a professional footballer. "In college, I did not sit still, but even today, my comrades from 'Top Chef' must have noticed!" he entrusted to Parisian. But at 14, a serious injury ended her dreams. "He breaks his tibia and spends eight months without walking," said our colleagues. "It was hard and long," said the young man.

After this disillusionment, Diego turns to the stoves on the advice of his mother, without knowing that cooking will become a real passion. Trained at the classical school (Ducasse Savoy), he followed an apprenticeship with Jean Imbert, the winner of season 3 of "Top Chef". Became head chef for the first time at only 19 years old, he has always admired the career of Philippe Etchebest, with whom he teams up in this season 11 of the competition.