"There is a kind of paralysis in Ornano …"

Beaten in the last minutes by Troyes (1-0) this Friday, as it had been against Ajaccio at the end of January, SM Caen is not doing well. Powerless offensively and then struggling in a late game where he stuck out his tongue, the Caennais still showed their limits against a top 5 team. Their coach Pascal Dupraz regrets technical errors and poor management of events at the end of the match .

SM Caen coach Pascal Dupraz ruminates on his frustration. | STEPHANE GEUFROI

  • SM Caen coach Pascal Dupraz ruminates on his frustration.
    SM Caen coach Pascal Dupraz ruminates on his frustration. | STEPHANE GEUFROI

Pascal Dupraz (Caen coach) : "It’s factual, we cannot win against a top 5 team. We should have folded the match at halftime, but we did not because we lacked technical accuracy.

In the second half we prepared the sticks to be beaten. When you can't win, you have to at least draw, even if the draw would also have been frustrating. Football is a constant reflection, there are races, sequences that we cannot do at the risk of being countered. This is what happened on goal, with our two sides in particular.

It looks like Ajaccio’s game, even if there were ten against the Corsicans. We must live with these blows of fate which put us in difficulty. There’s like a paralysis here in D'Ornano, it’s the snake biting its tail. This team is psychologically affected, there are air gaps, and the public is frustrated, except without a sacred union we will not advance.

I do not shirk my responsibilities, it is up to me to make the players have more confidence in them. But for that, you have to respect the fundamentals of football, this sport is not nearly so. We do not win on command, or by projecting in incredible numbers in front of the goal without ensuring security. It's up to me to find the solutions. We will ensure that there is a communion between the players and the supporters. "

Laurent Battles (trainer of Troyes) : "I think we have created great opportunities and given what my players have given, being very chauvinistic, I can say that we deserve the victory.

It was a complicated game, we put the intensity that I wanted to put on to pretend to win. I am very happy and proud of my players. Just ten days ago, we weren't very well. We kept our spirits up and we worked. We are rewarded.

On certain gestures and assists, we lacked technical accuracy, but the players fought and Lenny (Pintor) sprinted 40 meters to score. There is a flawless frame of mind in my group and the players are rewarded.

In the last twenty minutes, I saw that the Caennais were a little dull and left more space. I decided to bring Lenny (Pintor) in for that reason and he was rewarded. It was important not to take goals, we find a big defensive solidity, but we have not done anything in this championship, we must keep a lot of humility. "

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