the totally crazy plan to end the season, in isolated places

According to The Independent, the Premier League plans to end its 2019-2020 season between June and July. Players would be dispatched to isolated base camps in London and the Midlands.


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Put to sleep until April 30 due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Premier League could resume in the coming weeks according to a totally crazy plan unveiled Sunday evening by The Independent. According to the British daily, the governing bodies of the English championship would consider playing the remaining 92 games between June and July in London and in the Midlands region (central England). The idea of ​​playing these meetings behind closed doors would be considered the most credible avenue.

Clubs, with their staffs and players, would join isolated base camps and be confined to hotels, much like during a World Cup. The same goes for referees and television crews. They would undergo screening tests and be in quarantine conditions outside their matches. The objective would thus be to reduce the risk of contracting the Covid-19, because a single positive case could derail the whole of this device.

This plan would interest the government

Faced with pressure from broadcasters and the huge economic impact that would cancel the season, the Premier League would like to make these two months of competition a "mega televised event" by broadcasting all the games. A plan which would have received the support of the British government, which is aware of the importance of football for the population. A revival of the Premier League would be seen as a major step towards a return to normalcy and "a psychological boost for the nation".

These forecasts are however conditioned by the evolution of the health situation, while the spread of the coronavirus epidemic has left 1,228 dead and contaminated 19,522 people in the United Kingdom according to a report published on Sunday.


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