The best exercises to do at home to lose your lower abdomen

The lower abdomen is not always easy to work. Sculpt, refine, flatten, we share the best exercises for you to effectively firm up this area of ​​the body, in this period of confinement.Why do I have trouble losing my lower abdomen? Physiologically, losing my stomach is no more difficult than losing thighs or buttocks. Sorry to break this misconception, but it's good to remember. The genetic trend can play a role for sure. Some will tend to store in the belly, while for others it will be the buttocks. We all have our target zone. In fact, a flat stomach is above all a multidisciplinary affair, there is not just one thing that works, nor a miracle recipe. What works? The food + muscle strengthening + cardio combo. Nothing new if you know me, this is my mantra, I keep repeating it to you.If despite your hard efforts you still can't lose your lower abdomen, then maybe the answer is in your training and more particularly in the type of muscle building exercises that you perform.Abs: the error to avoidTo have a flatter stomach, it is undeniable, you have to do some strengthening and work your abs. But not just any. The # 1 mistake: doing abs like Rocky Balboa. Yes, yes, I see you doing your challenges 100 crunches a day. Stop the massacre! Crunches will not make you lose your lower abdomen, on the contrary, they will bring volume. And yes, because by doing this type of exercise, we work a superficial muscle, the rectus abdominis, good for chocolate bars but zero for the flat stomach aspect. The solution is to s linger on the real muscle behind the flat stomach: the transverse! Located under the obliques and the rectus, it is the deepest muscle of the abdominals and also one of the most important because it maintains the viscera. Well muscled, it is he who will give that flat, smooth belly appearance. The best thing is to make it work in a complementary manner with the obliques which will create a kind of natural corset. And especially by favoring the movements which require a good placement of the back, a good breathing and an optimal contraction of the perineum. Do not tear your feet off under the sofa, with your hands behind your neck pulling on your neck! The best exercises for losing your lower abdomen I'm not teaching you, sheathing is a classic to tone the abdominal strap and flatten the lower abdomen. But if you want to change the traditional plank a bit, I recommend the alternating scissors and the boat, super interesting exercises to build muscle in the transverse muscle. Be careful to fit your navel towards the spine when you perform these movements to gain efficiency. And above all, there are NOT ONLY the abs to work the lower abdomen! Global movements such as squats, lunges, pumps, jumping jack will also help you eliminate your small buoy. Also change your workouts and turn to muscle strengthening exercises on bosu (inflatable half-ball which allows a work based on balance), TRX (bodybuilding accessory made up of two rigid straps) or toyboard (balance board in foam in the shape of a surfboard used to work motor skills, balance, sheathing, etc.) The instability in these movements is very demanding on the lower abdomen, the abdominals acting as a trunk in this search for upper / lower body balance. Do not hesitate to innovate and test sports such as surfing, swimming, cycling, running, rollerblading, mountain biking, rowing, climbing or even boxing, where you exercise your abs without even you account for it. Why ? Simply because these are sports practices that mainly involve a single part of the body (high or low), and that require to be enormously sheathed to keep the upper and lower limbs connected. Clearly, do not confine yourself to one only recipe, vary the pleasures! My routine combines all this at the same time: exos targeting in priority the transverse and obliques, dynamic global movements and a little more intense cardio at the end of the session to increase energy expenditure and eliminate fat. How many times a week to get results? To see the first results, this lower abdomen routine should ideally be practiced at least twice a week, combined with other muscle building and long cardio sessions 1 to 2 times per For example, you can divide your sessions as follows: Monday: 30 min total body + 15 min lower abdomen routine Wednesday: 30 min reinforcement gluteal routine Friday: 15 min intense fat-burning cardio + 15 min lower abdominal routine Sunday: 1 hour running or cycling In what cases should you consult? If you are unable to follow this routine in particular because of a diastasis of the great rights, it may be the same nt consult a health professional. Following overweight or pregnancy, a diastasis can indeed cause this prominent aspect on the lower abdomen, and be quite disabling in everyday sport. It is important to have it really noticed by a professional to be able to act in consequence because this can be entirely improved with specific rehabilitation, in particular via the Bernadette de Gasquet method. And above all, this can be corrected thanks to cosmetic surgery, do not hesitate to inquire if it ruins your life.