Sandrine (100th victory in Everyone wants to take her place): "Exceeding Marie-Christine? I would be amazed. "

Joshua Daguenet: Is it harder to grab the red chair or streak a few wins?

Sandrine: It is absolutely more difficult to become a champion than to remain one. The champion is largely favored by the principle of the game. We only have six questions to answer per broadcast, while as a candidate, there are many more obstacles. Afterwards, it is true that the champion participates in up to eight shows a day and there is more fatigue over the length. To have been a candidate, I prefer to be in my place (Laughs).

You assured Nagui that your main motivation was through questions, not money. We can imagine, however, that seeing your pot increase daily is a good stimulant …

I have dual nationality. And if earnings in France are free of rights, in the United States, they are not … So, when I say that the questions motivate me, it is candid and honest. The amount of money displayed on television is not the amount I will ultimately receive.

Why were you so anxious to be in the box reserved for the ten greatest champions?

It's a really stupid story for once. When I participated as a candidate, solidarity formed between the candidates. The atmosphere is very nice and the casting team is very professional, we feel that the show is important to them. When I won my second victory at the end of the shooting day, one of the candidates who congratulated me told me that he wanted to see my avatar in the box.

"As a woman, Marie-Christine has not been spared from social networks"

Competitor like you are, do you have in mind the top of the ranking?

I would be completely flabbergasted to arrive at the level of Marie-Christine. I'm just halfway through it and I'm feeling more and more tiredness, pressure. He’s someone I really appreciate (she insists on this word) ! In addition, if the champions are not spared from social networks, as a woman, there was a basic misogynistic dimension and she went through all this with elegance…

Between the record journey of Margaux (Do not forget the lyrics), that of "Tata Véro" (The 12 noon shots), how do you analyze this feminine breakthrough?

Margaux and Véronique have taken their rightful place in society. I also think that it is the desire of the production companies to give more space to female candidates. There is also a casting system, different from skill selections.

Do you think that gender parity is not yet applied on the sets?

In terms of recruitment, yes. In Everyone wants to take its place, there are an exact number of men and women. Honestly, there is also a confidence factor for younger candidates who may have models such as Angèle or other singers, foreign actresses. They show a competent and independent image of women.

Among the top 10 candidates, you are the only one to have only one loss. Have you ever thought about your strategy for a second setback?

I think about each show by going through the profiles of the candidates appearing during the first round. Many factors come into play: the score of the final, the progress of the game. If someone beats me with "squares" by responding to the snitch while I got stuck on "cash", I will not offer him a staggering sum …

" The defeat ? I think about it on every show "

Have you changed your game over the programs?

I learned skills by watching the show, and in particular that of better understanding the questions in each round in order to focus on certain themes rather than others. When the four themes are proposed to me a few moments before the start of the final, my first priority is to be able to assign the theme that gives me the most confidence possible. And priority number two, give a subject for my challenger where I can make a correct estimate to know what to aim for.

When you seem so easy, do you become your main opponent with fatigue or the concentration jumps that can set in during filming?

Yes and no. The ease that I can project is 100% professional distortion. When you're a teacher, faced with a class of 25 teenagers, you can't seem to not know what's going on. In 20 years of profession, I thus acquired the faculty to project confidence, tranquility, whereas inside, it is not at all what happens (Laughs). As for my opponents, when I talk about it with my family and friends, I tell them that for me, this program is an opportunity to reconnect with French culture. It is not so much a question of adversity but rather of knowing and understanding as much as possible about what constitutes my professional background. Whether it be literature, geography, cooking, cinema … I have the opportunity to teach all this in courses of different levels and it is very important to me to prove to me who wants to watch it that I have this passion.

After twenty years spent in the United States and a sabbatical year in France, will the profits raised upset your projects?

A priori no, because we have family constraints on one side and the other of the Atlantic. Professionally, I don't want to take the risk of staying out of business for too long, because if we don't use our skills, we will rust quickly. We would remain on the principle of finishing this school year in France before returning to the United States. The proceeds will be spent with French artisans and companies to renovate the family home in France. I also wish to make the largest possible donation to Secours Populaire.