Rennais Stadium. As if nothing had happened, Julien Stéphan straight ahead

Brought to express himself on Saturday evening, the day after Olivier Létang's ouster, Julien Stéphan delivered a controlled communication during this sequence.

Stade Rennais coach Julien Stéphan. | CREDIT: JOËL LE GALL / OUEST-FRANCE

  • The coach of the Stade Rennais Julien St & eacute; phan.
    Stade Rennais coach Julien Stéphan. | CREDIT: JOËL LE GALL / OUEST-FRANCE

So goes football, swept away by the pace of a particularly dense Rennes calendar at this time of the year. The ousting of Olivier Létang was no longer the subject of the news yesterday at the pre-match press conference. We had to wait twenty-five minutes of questions and answers with Julien Stéphan and Damien Da Silva – first player to lend to this exercise since since the start of the season, outside the Europa League where it is an obligation, the SRFC did not present no player – to see him approached by a colleague.

"Julien, it buzzed a lot the first days, a week after the changes at the head of the club, is all this a little bit pacified? " Response from Stéphan: " Yes. You have to look ahead. We have so many interesting goals to play that we looked at the deadlines that were coming. As of last weekend, we've been planning on the Belfort match. Then we immediately got into Reims. The most important thing is that the group remains aware of this so that we can perform to the maximum. " Then Damien Da Silva to extend: "The fact of chaining matches means that we, professional players, don't have time to think of anything else. And we also focus on what we master, there are a lot of things we don't necessarily master. We have to focus on what we can do and what we can do, so first win matches. "

No follow-up from the dozen journalists, a final question on another topic and the conference was over. Like nothing ever happened. A week later.

Tuesday, he put the sportsman back at the heart of the game

Since the revelation by West France of Olivier Létang’s ouster last Friday at 3:30 p.m., Julien Stéphan spoke four times. The following day, in a post-match press conference against Brest (0-0), facing all the media. Monday, on the eve of the Coupe de France quarter-final. Tuesday evening in Sochaux, after the large success against Belfort (3-0). And yesterday, therefore.

Selected pieces. First act Saturday, in three stages: "It is a shareholder decision that must be respected. It is he who drives the general policy of the club. We must follow the path that our shareholder asks us to follow. The Pinaults have been carrying the club for the past 20 years. " then: “We don't want to hurt anyone. When you see a president losing his job, it's never fun. But it's no secret that our relations were not harmonious. However, I must not forget that it was he who allowed me to have this job. " Finally, when talking about timing: "I don't know if there is a good timing for this. We can only concentrate on the ground. "

Second act Monday: "Above all, I don't want to be given more power than I have. I'm the coach of Stade Rennais, no more, it's already a lot. (…) I read things, I have been told things for a few days, which are completely false. (…) I did not have more than when I recovered the team in fourteenth position four points from the roadblocker in December 2018, or at the end of November when I had three matches to save my position, and that I saw names flourish in the press to come and replace me. "

Third act Tuesday, putting the sportsman back at the heart of the game: “We are one step from the Stade de France. We are going to play a second consecutive semi-final in the Coupe de France, we are at the top of the table in Ligue 1: everything is positive at Stade Rennais today. "

Now on the front line, Stéphan looks straight ahead. Aware that at the end of the season, this will be his record, exclusively.

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Rennais Stadium. As if nothing had happened, Julien Stéphan straight