Press Center: Marseille stalls opposite Angers

Marseille- Angers: 0-0 OM's mad race for the Champions League came to a halt with the sad draw conceded against Angers.

The orphans of Dimitri Payet, suspended, never found a solution in the chain mail of Anjou, gns by the dry cleaning and the organization of the SCO. The OM series certainly remains beautiful with 26 points out of 30 possible, but the Ligue 1 runner-up missed the opportunity to widen the gap with Rennes (3), held in check Nice (1-1) the day before: always five steps ahead.

In the standings, not too much damage, therefore, but the level of play was very low, without the creativity of the Reunionese number. The first framed shot came after the hour, by Valentin Rongier (63), and it was not dangerous.

aggressive laundry

Too many Marseillais have not been level, start with Maxime Lopez. Awkward, as inhibited, he left for the first time his career as a Minot under whistles from the Vlodrome, not unanimous but audible, replaced by Valre Germain (65).
Morgan Sanson was transparent, and Dario Benedetto, who has not yet scored in 2020, only succeeded in one gesture, a brilliant pass for Nemanja Radonjic who believed his shot too much (45). The Serb is the only one to have tried to shake his own, but he has experienced too much waste in his dribbling. Only Valentin Rongier and Jordan Amavi held their rank, but in a role in the fight, to recover balls, which says a lot about the difficult match of OM. At the Vlodrome, the Angevin slab has regained its fighting properties and has deserved its point, with its very clean ball circulation and its defensive discipline.
Angers brought back a good point but lost their wingman Farid El Melali, who came out in tears on a stretcher, suffering from the left knee, on which Jordan Amavi fell during an innocuous action.
The aggressive pressing of the Angevins therefore greatly hampered the Marseillais and OM did not manage to get opportunities. Lopez (7) then Pipa Benedetto, after Rongier missed a flight (30), prevaricated before the goal. The best opportunity came just before the break, on Benedetto's pass for Radonjic. In the second period, OM supported a little more, but their strikes remained soft (Saf-Eddine Khaoui, 77) or against (Marley Ak, 90 + 1).
Angers carried the danger even less, without a framed shot, just strikes next to Sada Thioub (21), Pierrick Capelle (74) or Bobichon (89) returned to the place of El Melali. The biggest fright for the stadium came from a victorious shot from Capelle, but Stphane Bahoken was offside at the start (76). The defeat would still be cruel for OM, who must be content with one point.