Pierre Gasly: ​​"Formula 1 needs Vettel"

Pierre Gasly would particularly like the quadruple world champion, whose intelligence and involvement he emphasizes, not to leave F1 at the end of the year. Overview: “Franz Tost, the owner of the stable, stayed close to us. I got it every week on the phone. To take stock and take news. Same with my engineers, but more for friendly exchanges. Anyway the car is frozen until the first weekend of the race. I have only a subjective idea of ​​where we are going to be. A priori we will not be better than last year (6th in the classification of manufacturers, under the name Toro Rosso). Force India has progressed enormously and seems to be positioned behind the three top teams. There will also be the McLarens and the Renault. We have work, that's for sure. On the aero, the supports, like most of the other stables. Gasly, the great escape The hardest thing is the absence of adrenaline. I had never known such a long cut. I challenge everyone everywhere to compensate. My brothers, my friends. At video games, table tennis, in the gym. Same with Pyry Salmela, my physical trainer. It wears it out a bit sometimes, but I don't stop until I win. And even after, I want to go back. I miss the competition. "There is a real desire for F1 to restart in early July in Austria. I am quite confident. I am preparing for this deadline. I am starting to do more targeted, more specific exercises, on the muscles that are going to be the most used in running. And I follow the sessions which correspond to the duration of a grand prize. It’s going to shock us to get back into F1 after seven months without racing! How will everyone react physically? Over the length, there may be surprises. We may be, who knows, chain eighteen GP in twenty-three weeks. Without any recovery therefore. It is rather at the end of the season, in terms of concentration and energy, that we will see those who are best prepared. The first races will be very fiery, but at our level I do not think it will to be anything. We are all mature enough to stay focused on our goals, our responsibilities. "I am not emotionally involved, but I would like Vettel to stay (he announced his departure from Ferrari at the end of the season). He brings so much to F1. He is one of the most intelligent champions. Very involved in the pilots association (GPDA), always ready to advance this sport in a good way. Formula 1 needs him. Vettel and Ferrari, a surprise divorce. For the rest, I followed the news, I hope that Renault, despite the plans for economy in the industrial sector, will continue in F1. Renault has marked the history of this sport. As a Frenchman and F1 lover, I want to see them continue, fighting for the titles. With what has happened on the transfer market and the coronavirus, many have already turned their heads towards 2021, but there is a World Championship and so many beautiful things to experience in 2020. Personally, I'm like a soccer player. Under contract with Red Bull. It's my club. »E. Bi.