Pascal Dupraz at Le Figaro: "With the coronavirus, football is the least of my worries" – Ligue 2

The Caen coach looks at the unprecedented situation of footballers and the country in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. ”

For the media world, Pascal Dupraz is what is called a "good client". Frank of the collar, follower of the well-felt formula, the 57-year-old technician is above all a recognized leader of men in the French football circle. Discovered by the general public in Évian-Thonon (2012-2015), then with his miraculous rescue from Toulouse in L1 (2016-2018), or even with his role as consultant on Canal +, Haut-Savoyard remains a earthy character who is rampant today in Caen in L2. Reduced to technical unemployment since confinement, Pascal Dupraz gave us his feelings, calmly but without hiding a certain seriousness, even a touch of fear, about the coronavirus epidemic.

His feelings about the situation

“With my wife, we have four children who are in Paris, in Haute-Savoie, in New Zealand and in Australia, we take news on a daily basis. If one is reassured by the close circle, one inquires about information which is frightening. And you have to face it. The least you can do is to behave civilly, because we all have some responsibility for keeping the virus at bay. In addition to the passing of time, the advancing age, we put many things into perspective. We say that our parents and grandparents knew the war, that makes you think. If in this ordeal, we can simply talk to each other, even among neighbors, if it could generate outbursts of sympathy and generosity, everyone would be a winner. As with our old people that I often quote. There was always the plate with our grandparents, for the unexpected. If there were 8 of us at the table, there was always a 9th plate. If we could have that again, it would already be a great victory. Let everyone be responsible on their own scale. We will do it collectively, not individually. "

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The daily life of a home football coach

"I am confined like everyone else and I try to follow government instructions to the letter. From time to time, with my wife, I do my forty-five minutes of walking. The rest of the time, I spend my day chatting with my staff and some players, I read, I try not to gain too much weight (smile). I am more in tune with my wife, because usually I am stupidly overwhelmed by football in my daily life. She would have preferred to recover me in another context. "

His daily work with his players

"Last week, we had a videoconference with five players from our Elders' committee to find out how the confinement was going, if they were following the rules and what feedback they had from their partners. I trust them. We had already taken the measure of all this thanks to the information of the medical staff. Nothing was ever taken lightly … At the training level, the boys had a first program from the start of confinement with cardio days and daily sessions. They are banned from running in large numbers, they have been sent the certificate to leave their homes. We wanted to make them responsible, so we did not put a GPS to know the daily work. The dietitian is in permanent contact with the players. Everything is stalled. "

"Clubs like Caen can experience enormous financial difficulties if our activity does not resume"

Pascal Dupraz

The possible resumption of football

"As a coach, we have this responsibility, to inform, to repeat things to my players. I don't know if I'm telling the truth, I'm helpless in the face of the situation. Everything I say remains speculation, but if we were to resume, and I repeat the resumption of football is the least of my concerns, I told the players to follow the program to the letter because we will be quickly on the bridge when it will be necessary to resume. We will be told to replay it soon enough once the decision is made. We can also consider stopping the championship completely. Who knows today? We can consider everything. Like small and medium-sized businesses, clubs like Caen can experience enormous financial difficulties if our activity does not resume. I understand the attitude of the leaders and big bosses also on this point, who also think not to close the door. "

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His message as a citizen and a father

" The situation is serious. I may be utopian, but I hope that this period will raise awareness for some of us. That we will listen to each other, respect each other more, with less egocentric behavior, than that will give a boost of civic spirit in our country … Let’s stop grumbling, complaining, believing in all these fake news on social networks. “We must also trust these people who are responsible for our government. I do not play politics, but these people are responsible. The situation is serious. Football goes far behind all this. I adopted a responsible attitude by giving instructions to the players, once I have done that, I recognize that football is going over my head at the moment. Personally, I would like to deal with this situation more, such as shopping for the elderly or helping out at the town hall. If it lasts a few more weeks, that’s what I’m going to do. There, I seem to be useless. "