Olympic Games 2020: Bruno Guimaraes makes a request to the IOC, concerned Blueberries! – Soccer

Due to the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the Brazilian Bruno Guimaraes fears to be too aged to participate in the competition. The Olympique Lyonnais midfielder therefore calls for a relaxation of the rules which could also concern several Blueberries.

2020 Olympics: Bruno Guimaraes makes a request to the IOC, about Blueberries

Bruno Guimaraes intends to take part in the Olympic Games.

Like UEFA for Euro 2020, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced Tuesday the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, initially scheduled for July 24 to August 9, due to the coronavirus pandemic. The tournament will most certainly take place a year later, in the summer of 2021.

A question now concerns the 16 selections qualified for the football event, including France and Brazil: will the eligibility criteria of the players be modified?

Guimaraes calls for understanding

Initially, the men's tournament was supposed to be reserved for players born after January 1, 1997 (except for the 3 jokers authorized by team without age restriction). But with the postponement of the 2021 competition, some fear that the age limit will be changed as a result and that players born in 1997 will find themselves forced to give up competition.

Among the players potentially concerned, the Lyonnais Bruno Guimaraes, captain of the Olympic selection of Brazil, wasted no time since he already sensitized the IOC to this problem. Hi everyone. First of all, I wanted to congratulate the Olympic Committee for the decision taken. We know the gravity of the moment we live and the main thing to do is to take care of our lives, first greeted the midfielder in a video broadcast RMC Sport. I ask the same people (Olympic Committee) that they increase the Olympic age limit by one year, 24 years, so that no athlete is impacted by an off-field event that is not our fault. I ask them to make a common sense decision so that no one is disadvantaged.

Tousart, Bernardoni and Thuram cross their fingers

Will the current U23s remain under 23 for 2021 ?! It's brutal otherwise, abounded on Twitter with former US international Taylor Twellman, now a consultant for ESPN. On the French side, several executives of the Espoirs selection who had won the ticket for Tokyo by reaching the semi-finals of Euro Espoirs 2019 are concerned: the goalkeeper Paul Bernardoni (Nmes), the left side Fod Ballo-Tour (Monaco), midfielder and captain Lucas Tousart (Lyon), forwards Marcus Thuram (Mnchengladbach) and Jean-Philippe Mateta (Mainz), but also wingers Martin Terrier (Lyon) and Allan Saint-Maximin (Newcastle), absent from the Euro . All were born in 1997. Depending on whether the rule changes or not, the whole backbone of certain selections could be turned upside down…

The 16 selections qualified for the 2020 men's soccer competition: Japan, Germany, Spain, France, Romania, New Zealand, Ivory Coast, Egypt, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, South Korea, Argentina, Brazil + the two representatives determine from the CONCACAF area.

In your opinion, should the IOC relax the rules and allow 24-year-old players to take part exceptionally in the Olympic Games? Do not hesitate to react and debate in the area add a comment