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"It's not just football in life." The Montalbanian club goes even further in its approach and associates with a specialized company which offers to all those who wish to work with it on a sports, professional and personal project.

By signing a partnership with "Sport society", an association sponsored by the international world champion Benjamin Pavard, the MFC-TG intends to provide the club with a tool to assist the entry of its players or managers into the professional world ; President Jean-Michel Malavelle, 12 years in office of the longest presidency at the club, explains: "This partnership is in fact a logical continuation of our strategy linked to the roadmap established in 2008, that is to say – tell the club to avoid a second bankruptcy filing; rebuild, solidify and develop the football school: install solid foundations, in particular by supporting the training of educators; support the development of women's football; provide the club with equipment allowing it to plan: the first discussions with the city on the future creation of the Ramier complex took place in 2012; set up a management team that can respond to various developments; and build, over time, a sincere and reasonable budget to meet to development objectives without falling into an unreasonable escalation, the perversity of which we unfortunately measure today. " On the strength of this table, President Malavelle declined: "We are therefore ready today, able to organize and take a new step with our senior boys' teams. We had long realized that it was difficult to keep our talented young players as seniors, likely to help teams evolve to a better level (even if certain criteria such as relocations for studies remain incompressible). We find it difficult to be attractive to strengthen our teams; our collaboration with Sport Society aims to address these two issues in particular by offering a dual project to players (as well as educators or benefactors of the club): a sports project of course but also a professional and personal project (training, employment, support…) We want to build a balanced club, stabilize the workforce, play our associative role to the full (because I would remind you that we are not a professional club….) while shaping a thoughtful and sustainable organization. "

James Strauss: "Growing together"

A 1901 law association created by Sofian Layssel (president, former footballer), "Sport society" is today headed by James Strauss. Former player of Nancy and Racing 92, James Strauss cumulates to this day the management of the association based in Marseille, and the position of sports director of the club of Fos / Mer which evolves in Regional 1. He evokes the meeting with the MFC- TG with a lot of hope and a few certainties: "The partnership with the MFC-TG was established after several discussions and visits to the Jean Verbeke complex. Everything was there for the club of President Jean-Michel Malavelle to become our representative of the League Confinement has certainly slowed down the progress of our work somewhat: we did, however, exchange views by videoconference. Our association supports players in their professional project; we follow them in training, in their search for work. The MFC-TG expressed a need and a desire to follow our approach. We wish to grow together; the Montalban club has Emmanuel Fiant the ideal man to take over. We have found that the demand is strong, whether in the boys 'or girls' sector. We will patiently pursue the development of this partnership and we plan to meet with the city mayor as soon as possible. "Emmanuel Fiant, director of the MFC-TG, is responsible for the project:" This project has seduces; we are there to help young people who are often in demand to secure their future. Training is an area that I know well; and the creation of an employment-training commission within the club, will allow us to meet the demand of young people, whether among boys or girls. There is a lot of hope in this partnership. "

What are aco?

"Sports society", head office: Marseille; members: Jan-Luc Collange (former athlete), Alexis Vincent (ex-basketball player), James Strauss (general manager, ex-footballer), Salim Imad, (assistant general manager, ex-basketball player); honorary president: Joseph Mohan (ex-footballer); subject: support for athletes, structure a career, control the end of sporting activity, help with employment …