Maxime Tarasconi, from footballer to nurse: "We are trained to be on the front line" – Foot – Coronavirus

Midfielder of AS Gémenos in National 3, Maxime Tarasconi (29 years old) is mobilized on another field currently. The ex-pro from Istres (32 matches in L2) faces the coronavirus as a nurse in intensive care at the Timone hospital in Marseille. It testifies.

“In intensive care, we are used to seeing serious situations. However, for the past few days, we have been switching to coronavirus mode. There are quite a few cases that are starting to escalate. We are more and more in action. Our patients are mainly Covid-19. In La Timone, there are also specialties depending on the service, even in intensive care. In mine, there is still capacity to accommodate people with the disease. What changes from our work habits are all these new precautions to take. This virus is more restrictive in isolation procedures. You have to be careful in everything that is transmitted. There are colleagues, doctors and other caregivers who have been infected around me. ”

"We can always say that there is worse, but we are still experiencing something very special"

“Personally, I am single. I confine myself at home outside of work. There are about fifty people on the front line in my department for 32 beds. I am on night duty from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. I'm still in the usual rhythm. But there is a risk of being called more and more on rest days in the future. We see the magnitude of the situation elsewhere. We are preparing for something more serious even if we hope that it will not happen … We will face like all the medical staff. It is a new situation but we are trained to be on the front line. ”

“We feel that there is solidarity around us. It is touching and reassuring. Companies offer us meals, pizzerias deliver us and bakers prepare breakfasts for us. I have been on "sheave" in La Timone for a year. I had resumed my nursing studies at the age of 25 in parallel with football. I was trained in Istres with José Pasqualetti as a pro coach. I was with Nassim Akrour, Éric Chelle or Nicolas de Préville. Then I went to Louhans-Cuiseaux, Granville, Toulon, Pontet and now I'm in Gémenos in N3. There, we stopped football like all the other players. I don't know if it will resume. But there are really other priorities right now. We can always say that there is worse, but we are still experiencing something very special. This is why people really need to take stock of the situation. Well stay confined. It is vital. "