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Paris (hooly News)

The Professional Football League, attacked by its decision to definitively end the Ligue 1 season, won its first victory on Friday against the clubs of Lyon, Amiens and Toulouse, now forced to defend their case before the Council of State.

In an emergency procedure (an interim proceeding), the three parties contested before the Paris administrative court, to which the LFP is attached, the final stop of the 2019-2020 L1 season and the terms of the final classification chosen by the football authorities.

"The LFP took note with satisfaction of the rejection of the appeals brought by Olympique Lyonnais, Amiens SC and Toulouse FC before the judge in summary proceedings", said the League in a press release.

The judge "logically retained, by three orders made this Friday afternoon, that the decisions of general scope taken by the League's Board of Directors on April 30 could only be challenged before the Council of State", competent in the matter, continues the LFP.

The League decided at the end of April to end the season, standing behind the injunction of the government of Edouard Philippe, and to establish a ratio of points won per match played to establish a final ranking.

– Amiens and Lyon on the Council of State –

Consequently, the Lyon club ranks in 7th place in Ligue 1, which deprives it of any qualification for the European Cup through the Championship. Amiens (19th) and Toulouse (20th) are relegated to Ligue 2 at the end of this truncated season, where ten days remained to be played.

The three applicant clubs will now have to continue their legal combat before the Council of State which, according to the League, is "competent to hear acts of a regulatory nature taken by the authorities with national jurisdiction such as the LFP".

In other words, Lyon, Amiens and Toulouse lost the first round for a question of procedure, and not on the merits. At least that's what the losers of the day preferred to remember.

OL thus showed itself "surprised that the LFP is delighted as of this evening of the position of the Administrative Tribunal whereas it did not in any case rule on the merits of its request!".

"This therefore does not in any way change the nature and the basis of the actions brought by Olympique Lyonnais" which, "as of Monday morning, will seize the Council of State, only competent in first and last resort," reacted the club. Jean-Michel Aulas.

In the same way, the Toulouse president Olivier Sadran noted that the body seized was "not competent". "I am not in the habit of commenting on court decisions but probably it will then be necessary to go before the competent bodies", reacted to hooly News the leader, currently in exclusive negotiations with a fund of American investment to sell the club.

– "Unjust" relegation –

The weekend of March 8, during which the 28th and last day of Ligue 1 was disputed almost entirely (only Strasbourg-PSG was postponed), the TFC vegetated at the last rank of the elite with only 13 points earned.

Sportingly, Amiens' situation seemed less hopeless. The Picard club was penultimate in the ranking, only four points behind the first non-relegated Nîmes.

In a press release, the formation of President Bernard Joannin noted "with satisfaction" that the court had "placed the debate at the level of the main general principles of law and the advisability of pleading its case before the highest French administrative jurisdiction".

"Amiens SC remains more than ever determined to assert its rights and obtain its maintenance in Ligue 1 in the judicial field in the light of the unjust circumstances of its relegation," writes the club, announcing that it has "decided to immediately seize the Council of 'State".

Among the major European championships, France is an exception in its decision to end the season definitively. The game resumed in Germany last weekend, a scenario that hopes to reproduce England, Spain and Italy.