"I have no right to be disappointed by the postponement of the Tokyo Games"

Well placed with Victor Perez to represent France at the Olympic golf tournament next summer, the Basque understands the IOC’s decision to postpone the event until next year.

Installed for this general confinement on the side of Montpellier with wife, children and sister-in-law, Mike Lorenzo-Vera, 75th player in the world, lives very close to a forest. The perfect place to perfect your physical condition. Failing to touch a golf club.

"I will run every morning, breath the Basque. And I also talk physically in the afternoon through exercises that I've always done. I ran into the police while jogging. I had my certificate in my pocket. There was no problem … I also continue my mental work with Meriem Salmi. We do a lot of visualization … But it's pretty intense at home right now, with my children (2) and those of my sister-in-law (2). Don't play golf right now? It doesn't itch at all. The last time was Cut Friday in Qatar. March 6 exactly. Since then, nothing … I haven't been in great shape for the past few weeks (Editor's note, five tournaments played, a top 10 (8eat the Dubai Desert Classic), two missed cuts). So I'm going to take the time it takes to get back to my best. "

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This Tuesday, March 24, due to a pandemic due to the coronavirus (Covid-19), the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to postpone the Tokyo Olympic Games to 2021, previously scheduled from July 24 to August 9, 2020. A strong act that could however prevent the French golfer from realizing a dream. With Victor Perez, he was indeed well on his way to represent France at the men's golf tournament (July 30-August 2).

"Honestly, the one who was surprised that the IOC made this decision does not live on the same planet as us," he comments. When we saw that the Chinese put more than 45 million people in two days in confinement, we knew that it would not be just a small flu. But hey, it doesn't matter. We will postpone this until next year. It's not canceled, it's already that. And for that kind of reason, you have no right to be disappointed with the postponement of the Olympic Games. You don't have the right to be a dancer. When you are like Teddy Riner or all these athletes of Olympic sports who prepare for four years this meeting, I can understand that you are disappointed. This is the goal of a lifetime of high performance sports. But we golfers have no right to complain. Each year, we have four Majors, four World Championships. And the Ryder Cup every two years… ”

Now remains to be seen when the competition on the European Tour, and in general, on all other world circuits, can resume? Keith Pelley, head of the European Tour, cautiously advanced the end of May, which would coincide with the Irish Open (May 28-31), a big $ 7 million endowment.

"We don't know," said Lorenzo-Vera. We have no visibility. But in my head, I have the impression that we will resume for July. It may be totally absurd. A white season? I'd be surprised. I think it’s going to be okay in Europe in three to four months. Unless bad surprise. If so, it will mean that it will be just in time until the end of the year. The tournaments will be linked week after week. So much the better. I have played five tournaments in all and for everything since last November. Which means you have to be physically ready. It will be violent. From Qatar, for the past eighteen days, I’ve been in 15 sports sessions. Over 15 days, I had to run 15 hours. Being on top physically will, in my opinion, be the key to this year 2020. After that, personally, that doesn't mean that I will play more than usual. I’ll do my three tournaments in a row and then take a break. I will focus my program on quality, not quantity. I will target my meetings. As usual ! "