Henri Émile promises that a “beautiful tribute” will be organized in memory of Michel Hidalgo as soon as the confinement ends – Foot – Disparition

If the date of Michel Hidalgo's burial has not yet been set, it is certain that it will take place in the strictest of privacy. Indeed, the epidemic of coronavirus, which currently strikes France, prohibits any form of assembly, even within the framework of funerals. But once the confinement is over, the players who played under the orders of the former coach of the Blues (1976-1984), who died on Thursday, will meet to pay tribute to him, as part of the CIV (Club des internationales of soccer).

The promise is made by Henri Émile, the former intendant of the Blues (1984-2004), who was very close to Hidalgo. “In a while, we will pay him a beautiful tribute, that's for sure. Perhaps in the form of a mass, or a reunion at the cemetery. In addition, I would also like us to make a television program, repeating the highlights of Michel's career, with the presence on the set of all the European champions of 1984. Like that all the French could be associated with this tribute … But all of this is obviously impossible to implement in the short term ».

Moving reunion on February 12

In addition, Émile returned this Thursday to the high point experienced by Hidalgo, on February 12, in the company of many former internationals (Marius Trésor, Michel Platini, Maxime Bossis …) at a lunch he had organized with the CIV at the David restaurant in Marseille. " It was very moving, because Michel had come by ambulance, when he lived next door. he was absent and lost his memory. But at the end of the meal he said to them: "You were great players but my greatest pride is to have led great men, the men that you are." This moment of lucidity happened just before we all parted and it's this sentence that will ultimately remain with the guys … "