Hand – Lidl Starligue – Lidl Starligue: towards a transition to 16 clubs from next season

To limit the economic damage due to the coronavirus epidemic, the National League is working on a solution without downhill but with two climbs in Starligue this summer. Double breath of air for officials of the National Handball League (NHL) this Tuesday , in these stifling times. The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics and the announcement by the Federation of the cancellation of the Coupe de France widen its shooting window to hope to conclude the season of Lidl Starligue, interrupted since March 13 after eighteen days out of twenty-six .But there is no guarantee that the competition can still resume, and the economic consequences are expected to be serious in any case for the clubs. Whether the season is canceled or not, the NHL is therefore working very seriously to widen the elite from fourteen to sixteen clubs next season. The project was already in the pipeline for 2021-2022. the project was already in the pipeline for the 2021-2022 fiscal year (in a different form, with a system of wild cards for which Bordeaux and Lyon-Villeurbanne were on pole), it should simply be advanced. It would not be a temporary measure, unlike the Bundesliga (which hopes to progress to twenty clubs!) Or the Top 14 in rugby, but the logic is the same: add four episodes to the series of the Championship to replenish the crates and save as many clubs threatened with relegation as those who played big on the climb. "This is one of the tracks that are on the table, agrees Etienne Capon, the director general of the NHL. We know that several clubs are in economic difficulty, they can lose the revenue of several days of the Championship and partners can fail them. It would be difficult to draw the consequences of a truncated classification, especially at the bottom of the table, it could sign the death sentence of certain clubs. Lidl Starligue: classification after 18 days There would be no descent, therefore, a relief for Tremblay and Créteil, current relegated to four points from the red line. But all the same a rise for two clubs of Proligue (D2), which could be designated by file if the Championship could not be concluded. The top two in the current ranking, Cesson-Rennes and Limoges, would still hold the line, with the two largest budgets of the Division (3.4 and 2.8 M €, respectively) and good influxes. NHL said three working groups involving professional male handball players (NHL, Federation, Club Union, players and coaches unions) are working to develop a recovery plan after the crisis and will report their findings by April 15. The transition to sixteen should figure prominently there. He seems to have the assent of the majority of professional clubs and the Federation, which must endorse any change in the scope of the competitions, should not veto in view of the exceptional situation.