FC Lorient. Maxime Dupé (Clermont): "The objective is to go up"

Born in Malestroit, the Clermont goalkeeper Maxime Dupé (26), passed by the JA Pleucadeuc, at Vannes OC and trained at FC Nantes, currently realizes a full season at Clermont in Ligue 2 (fourth), where he is loaned, without option purchase, by the Canaries. The Breton will play this Saturday against FC Lorient (3 p.m.), his first pro match in Morbihan as a titular player. Interview.

On loan from FC Nantes, Maxime Dupé has a full season with Clermont, who travels to Lorient, Saturday (3 p.m.). | PHILIPPE RENAULT

  • Pr & ecirc; t & eacute; by FC Nantes, Maxime Dup & oacute; achieves a full season with Clermont, who is moving Lorient, Saturday (3 p.m.).
    On loan from FC Nantes, Maxime Dupé has a full season with Clermont, who travels to Lorient, Saturday (3 p.m.). | PHILIPPE RENAULT

In Lorient, a match close to home

"For me, it doesn't make much difference, even if it is true that there will be family and friends at the stadium. When I'm in the field, whether in Lorient or Sochaux, it's the same. "

The beautiful Clermont season (4e)

“The club has been on the brink of dams for several years. But each time, there was a hole, often during this period January – February. This season, certainly the club has a philosophy of play and wants to produce good football, but it wants above all to win. Which may not have been the case in the past. There is a common goal of being able to finish in the top five. This ambition was clear enough from the start of the season, even if we remain a "small" L2 club because we do not have the infrastructure and the budget of a Lorient or Lens. But this is not felt on the ground. "

The quality of the Clermont game rewarded?

“As much as we were able to be the leader for three or four days at the start of the season, perhaps by chance, but after 24 games, we can no longer speak of luck. It is all the work done by managers, staff and players that allows us to be today at this 4e square. We have a collective, a team that plays and defends together. "

Adrian Grbic, the revelation (16 goals)

"We are also lucky to have 2e L2's top scorer, Adrian Grbic, who was able to give us a boost in certain matches when we were having a little more trouble in the game. With his “crazy moves”, he was able to deliver us. He is one of the best players in this championship. He was unknown at the start of the season, but with what he shows, if he keeps the same frame of mind and does not rest on his laurels, he will have a great career. He has the ability and the qualities to go very high, to play in the first division. "

His look at FC Lorient

"Like Lens, it's a club that has no place in L2, it's an L1 club. Even more now. Lorient has a good foot in L1. They are a very solid team defensively, with very good attacking players and individual qualities that are among the best in the championship. "

Loaned to Clermont, what about his next season?

“I don't really ask myself the question. My only certainty is that I want to continue playing every weekend. I was lucky to have Clermont's confidence for that, and it's going well. Being a understudy, I already knew that at FC Nantes for 4 and a half years, even if I made almost fifty matches. I want to train during the week and play on weekends.

Impose myself in Nantes? I have to think about it. But there is a goalkeeper in place, who has been loaned for two seasons (Alban Lafont). I don't know how it will go. I am not the only decision maker. We will have a discussion with the club at the end of the season. At first, the main objective is to go up with Clermont, even if we know that it will be difficult. But we have the means. "

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