Dijon-PSG (1-6): Paris qualifies with style and without injuries

Paris is insatiable. Despite the absence of eleven players and after a first half too messy for a team of this standing, the men of Thomas Tuchel easily qualified for the semi-finals of the Coupe de France by knocking down Dijon (6-1) on his land.

Even where PSG experienced its last setback on November 1, 2019 (1-2). Three and a half months later, the capital club remains in the running in four competitions and it is already better than last season when, at this stage, PSG was eliminated from the League Cup.

This year, even reduced, the champion of France knows how to protect himself from this kind of disappointment and can even afford the luxury of launching from the start a new kid like Mitchel Bakker (first tenure), involved in the opening of the score consecutive to a Lautoa csc, and players in lack of rhythm like Thiago Silva and Edinson Cavani.

A beneficial system change

Regarding the latter, the 600 Parisian supporters thought they were experiencing a historic moment in the 21st minute of play when the Matador scored his 200th goal in the jersey of PSG at the reception of a Meunier center. But after 2 minutes and 40 seconds of checking and consulting the screen of the VAR (Video assistance to arbitration), Benoît Bastien logically canceled the production. The Belgian side having accompanied his ball with the left forearm.

This short interruption cut the legs of the Parisians too inconstant, and it took a change of system after the break (passage in 3-5-2) for the partners of Thiago Silva to find balance and defensive solidity. With four goals ahead of the hour (Lautoa against his camp, Mbappé, Thiago Silva, Sarabia… Coulibaly against his camp, then Sarabia will score the last 2 goals), the Parisian staff could afford to give time Juan Bernat has been absent for a month due to a calf injury.

And, for this time, Paris did not have to deplore any wounded. This could be described as an ideal evening six days before traveling to Dortmund in the round of 16 first leg of the Champions League.