Coronavirus: "The French only do as they please" worries Jean-Bernard Eyquem

Leaving in Dubai last week to participate in the meeting of the Dubai World Cup, which was to take place on Saturday March 28, Jean-Bernard Eyquem returned without having had the chance to get in the saddle: "I took off on the 15th March from France to reach Dubai when I heard the announcement of border closings. I had to secure my commitment and be there as soon as possible. I had already gone on vacation to Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), but it was the first time that I went to Dubai to race. "

Although disappointed with this trip for nothing, Jean-Bernard Eyquem understands the decision to cancel the event which was to be held at the Meydan racecourse. "I think it's a good thing because the virus spreads very quickly. It was inevitable that he would also arrive in Dubai with the number of countries affected by Covid-19. The day before the cancellation of this big day, three people died. Then there was a crisis meeting with the organizers and the Maktoum family. I have heard that a lad from England is positive for Coronavirus. In view of the situation, there was no other possible option. "

"At the airport, I really hallucinated"

Upon his return to France on Tuesday, Jean-Bernard Eyquem went out of his way by posting a video on social networks "It's a shame. I was on the plane leaving from Bahrain on Monday evening and I read the interview with Christophe Soumillon on your site. It prepared me a little for what to expect upon arrival at the airport and I was not disappointed. And the jockey installed in the Southwest to give details. "I really hallucinated. I go through customs with a Duty Free bag from Bahrain, where I bought three cartons of cigarettes. The customs officer reflects on the fact that I have one cartridge too many. While the latter had neither mask nor gloves to speak to me and touch my things. At Roissy, there is no test to find out whether or not you are positive for the coronavirus. A sacred contrast to the Persian Gulf. “In Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, the majority of airport workers wear masks and gloves. Bottles of gel are also placed everywhere to be able to disinfect the hands. I found them more cautious than with us. "

An indiscipline that is not limited to the airport. "I really find that the French are doing as they please regarding this disease," laments Jean-Bernard Eyquem. I saw it with a car rental company when I wanted to return to my home in Pau. A woman got angry when she approached me and I told her that we needed a safety distance of one meter between the two of us. And I saw young people again yesterday (Tuesday) playing basketball near my home. I am not at all surprised that the rate of contamination continues to increase every day. "