Former NBA stars Tracy McGrady and Jermaine O’Neal will be launching their own player agency with the desire to bring a different perspective to an already saturated market. Tracy McGrady and Jermaine O’Neal have known each other since 1998, so that they were playing their first and second NBA seasons respectively. Their meeting had taken place through their common agent. Twenty-two years later, it was together that McGrady and O’Neal embarked on this new profession with the creation, officially scheduled for the fall, of their agency Seven1 Sports Group & Entertainment, a reference to their favorite number, the 1 for McGrady and 7 for O’Neal. Besides their age (41), the two players have many points in common, such as having arrived in the NBA directly from high school without going through university, to have several All-Star Game selections (7 for McGrady, 6 for O’Neal), to have won the title of player with the most progress or to have earned more than 160 million dollars in contracts over the course of their career. Today, they share the desire to offer a different voice to players. “We think it’s necessary,” McGrady told The New York Times, which revealed the project. We associate with many children on a daily basis through our youth programs, and we see the lack of information these kids face. Our vocation is to share our experience and our knowledge to guide them. Only O’Neal will try to pass the agent diploma (a priori in January) while McGrady will be the co-owner of Seven1 and will play an advisory role. The two also plan to hire “experienced partners” and “old-fashioned pit bulls”, in O’Neal’s words. This will be necessary to hope for a place in a market presented as saturated to the United States. With on the one hand the huge multi-sports agencies (CAA, Excel Sports Management, Wasserman), those specializing in NBA (like BDA Sports) or the latest arrivals, which display different operating modes like Roc Nation (where singer Jay -Z is involved) and of course Klutch Sports of Rich Paul, childhood friend and agent of LeBron James, who pursues a meteoric development in many areas including audiovisual. Read also All NBA news “In the end, they don’t can’t have all the players, O’Neal said. It will take a little while for us to figure out how things work, but no one is scaring us. Because you won’t find another duo that has had as much success (on the pitch), ups and downs as we have. “We will have to wait a few years before knowing whether this new adventure will return to the” highs “or the” lows “.