Barca could offer an exchange with Griezmann to recruit Neymar – Spain – Abroad

While Barca could have used a new Fifa rule to facilitate the return of Neymar, the Blaugranas should ultimately forget about this solution. And could offer an exchange with the star of the France team. according to the Spanish press …

Will leave, will not leave? In Paris, almost every transfer window is the same catchphrase since Neymar’s arrival in the capital almost three years ago. A return to Barça had already been strongly discussed last summer. And if Neymar is still at PSG this season, rumors continue to pour in about a return to Catalonia, especially from the Spanish press. According to the latter, the Barcelona leaders have not given up on the idea of ​​bringing the Brazilian back, but will not use a tactic that has been mentioned many times for several weeks for this.

Sport explains indeed that FC Barcelona will not call on Fifa to bring the star back to the Blaugranas. The body has in fact recently implemented a new rule, which allows a player in a club club for three years or more (this will be the case for Neymar this summer) to ask Fifa to set a price. If an offer at this height arrived, his team could not refuse it. A device that could have made the game of Barça, and who could have had the opportunity to repatriate Neymar for 180 million euros, while his contract had been bought by PSG 222 million euros.

Neymar's goals in the Champions League with PSG

An exchange with Griezmann?

However, Josep Bartomeu and Barcelona should not use it. And according to Sport, it has nothing to do with any desire by Neymar to stay in a club with which he has just qualified for the quarter-finals of the Champions League. The media puts forward other reasons, and first of all the modalities of this transfer. By asking Neymar to use Fifa, and more specifically Article 17 of the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of players, Barcelona should have paid directly to PSG the amount set by the Federation, without any schedule or arrangements. A problematic situation for the club, which would prefer to spread the payment, or even exchange the Brazilian crack for other players as it had proposed last summer with Rakitic. World champion Antoine Griezmann is notably mentioned by Sport.

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Another element to take into account, Barça also wants to take care of its image, and in particular vis-à-vis its cloakroom. Faced with the coronavirus epidemic, club leaders have indeed asked its players to accept a drop in salary to compensate for the losses of the club, while all competitions are suspended. Releasing 180 million euros for a player, as appreciated as Neymar is, would be contradictory to this request, and could generate some tensions.