Bankruptcy awaits several professional clubs

Bankruptcy awaits several professional clubs

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Bankruptcy awaits several professional clubs

We start to see (and feel) the psychological effects (social confinement / distancing) and economic of the crisis first and foremost sanitary / medical COVID-19.

Unfortunately, it will not get better in the coming weeks …

We're gonna have to be resilient and get used to this new life individual.

Many promise us an economic recovery from the thunder after this crisis. But will they be right?

And will the field of professional sport be part of this economic recovery?

As much as it is allowed to believe that people will want to gather around a product / show that they like after these weeks / month isolation, as much as it is permissible to fear that the reflex is to avoid large gatherings …

Supporters AND companies may hesitate before spending big dollars in the entertainment industry.

This is in particular why many professional teams may be called upon to disappear in the future. They will face huge losses during the crisis … and may not see the economic recovery smile as much as they do others after.

In Russia, some fear that KHL will disappear, or at least several of its poor clubs or outside of Russia.

Many European soccer clubs less fortunate than Bayern Munich or FC Barcelona are threatening bankruptcy if they cannot present matches (behind closed doors, at worst) as soon as possible.

Remember that the Premier League rejected the option of these matches in front of empty stands earlier this week.

The President of Saint-Étienne suggested that half of the Ligue 1 clubs will be bankrupt if the current season is not over. The president of the union of the clubs of this same league recalled the importance of not canceling the current season for the survival of a majority of its clubs.

No match = no TV rights and no box office receipts, the two main sources of income for several championships. And sponsors risk withdrawing for lack of money or by changing their priorities.

Quebec junior hockey could also be strongly affected by this crisis. Several teams were already having difficulty reaching break even before the crisis.

What about the NHL? Since she is a financially healthy circuit, she will be able to survive the cancellation of the season if it should ever happen … but several clubs from small markets would suffer significant losses. Some may have to spend less money in the coming seasons (which could possibly help the Canadian, but hey …).

With the situation likely to deteriorate in the United States, it's hard to believe that NHL hockey will be back soon.

Will we have to evaluate the option of competing in a Canadian championship? The border is not about to reopen and the arenas are not about to fill up.

Same thing for the Impact and MLS.

If sport resumes by the end of summer, it will most likely be in front of empty stands.

We did not get out of the woods in the sports world.