Ajaccio restarts, Troyes pushes Caen

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Winner of Orleans away (0-3), Ajaccio restarts and gets closer to Lens. At the same time, ESTAC broke Caen in the very last moments of the game (0-1), while Valenciennes disgusted Sochaux after a crazy match. The HAC, defeated by Paris FC (1-0) also missed the opportunity to get closer to the Top 5 and Niort fell on the lawn of Grenoble (3-1). For their part, Auxerre, Chambly, Le Mans and Rodez ensure the traditional 0-0 of the day.

Orleans 0-3 Ajaccio

Goals: Courtet (40e.77e), Cuypers (71e) for ACA

On the occasion of this quasi-match of extremes, reacting is the watchword for Orléans, which remains on three defeats in a row. But also for Ajaccio, defeated last week against Auxerre (2-3) and outside war machine with already eight wins away from François-Coty. In fact, the Corsicans largely dominate the meeting, but must wait for the end of the period to materialize: in the central circle, Gaëtan Courtet anticipates a pass behind Orleans and in a touch, without control, address of the central circle a silky lob which find the Letellier net (41e). In the second half, the balance of power is reversed: while Ajaccio is content to control and evolve against, Orleans monopolizes the ball. But the ACA decides to kill the match by planting two new banners. The first by Cuypers (71e), the second by Courtet (77e). The score does not move any more: Ajaccio, third, approaches two points from Lens.

Match score: 9/13, like the number of victories away from Ajaccio (in thirteen games), best L2 team out of its bases.

Caen 0-1 Troyes

Goal: Pintor (89e) for ESTAC

If as usual, Pascal Dupraz makes the show at the edge of the sideline, the SM Caen is once not usually rather cautious in the game. ESTAC, yet looking for points after a start of 'calamitous year (four defeats in five games), does not offer much either and this clash of former Ligue 1 plunges into boredom. Half-time puts an end to the status quo, without the public of D'Ornano could not give themselves a good reason to sacrifice their February 14. The pace then accelerates, because Troyes no longer seems satisfied with the draw and because the entry of Tell is good for Caen. But it is indeed the formation of the Dawn which seems to take over, and which tries to force the decision: it is finally done, at the very end of the game, thanks to a goal by Pintor, also entered (89e). Caen has probably lost all hope of climbing. Unlike Troyes, which consolidates its fourth place.

Match score: 13/20, like the number of points that separate SM Caen from the Top 5: the impossible mission is launched.

Paris FC 1-0 Le Havre

Goal: Lead (12e) for PFC

The objectives are not the same for the PFC, in the fight for the maintenance, and for the HAC, always engaged in the race for the climb. The need for victories is identical. Jérémy Ménez, furious at the start of the game, is well aware of this and is quick to convert his rage into a successful goal after 15 minutes after a nice Pitroipa service (12e). The most vintage team in Ligue 2 eventually manages to keep the HAC in check, uninspired in the absence of Kadewere. In the second half, Le Havre was more dangerous, but his attackers were clumsy. Like Dina Ebimbe, who harvests a Fontaine offering at the sixtieth minute. The PFC holds up well, and pockets three precious points in the race for maintenance. For its part, Le Havre missed the boat and stagnated in sixth place.

Match score: 7/10, like the jersey numbers of Jérémy Ménez and Jonathan Pitroipa, the two key men of this retro Paris FC.

Valenciennes 3-2 Sochaux

Goals: Diliberto (69e), Diliberto (70e), Chergui (80e) for VAFC // Diop (10e), Sané (11e) for Sochaux

Valenciennes has come a long way. Because at the start of the game, the Lion Cubs, wound up like pendulums, had decided to offer a lot of love to their coach a few days after his 43e anniversary: ​​in a little over a minute, Sochaux punishes Valenciennes twice after two rounds successfully led. The first concluded by Diop (10e), the second by Sané (11e). The VAFC is irrelevant, and leaves too much space for unleashed Sochalians. Who corner their opponents in the evening, put Prior to work, but failed to widen the gap before returning to the locker room. Bad luck, because Valenciennes decides to end the party and react: one minute, again, separates the two blows from the Northerners who manage to return to level thanks to the achievements of Diliberto (69e) and Cabral (70e). From now on, the meeting escapes Sochaux. Chergui, who entered the game and a great player in the Valencian renewal, finally crucified the FCSM with a magnificent strike (80e). Omar Daf must have appreciated his gift.

Match score: 2/2, like the number of minutes that allowed Sochaux to put himself in an ideal situation, then to ruin everything.

Grenoble 3-1 Niort

Goals: Benet (6e), Djité (81e), Semedo (90e+2) for Grenoble // Kilama Kilama (57e) for Niort

Undefeated at home since the second day, Grenoble is almost intractable on its lawn and needs only six minutes to prove it when Benet launches an unstoppable warhead in the skylight of Braat, taking advantage of a big error of the defense of Chamois (6e). Thereafter, the youth of Niort tries to return: determined and aggressive, the players of Franck Passi push and end up equalizing on the hour of play thanks to a furious head of Kilama Kilama (57e). The Niortais seem to be transcended, but Grenoble is cynical, lets the storm pass and ends up frustrating his rival thanks to a gesture full of lucidity and subtlety from Djité (81e). Niort is down and even cashed a third goal, scored by Semedo at the end of a counter model (90e2).

Match score: 18/20, like the position of Niort, a young team in distress in the standings.

Auxerre 0-0 Chambly

On the occasion of this soft belly match, Auxerre and Chambly take their time to get under way. A firecracker from Coeff perfectly diverted by Pinoteau, tenured for the second time only in professional, on the other hand allows the AJA to come out of its torpor and gradually impose its game. In vain, because the Ajaïsts do not manage to open the score before halftime. When returning from the locker room, Auxerre moved into the Chambly camp, but it was a wall that Jean-Marc Furlan's men collided with. The latter try, try again, always try, but cruelly lack success in the last gesture. While Chambly is content to defend well, failing to attack well. AJA will not get any better, despite the presence of Guy Roux in the stands: at least, love lasts a long time.

Match score: 0/0, like the number of frank opportunities on both sides.

Le Mans 0-0 Rodez

The fear match of the evening, it seems, inhibited the actors of two teams who no longer know the victory. In fact, if the Manceaux timidly dominate the game, the two teams struggle to get frank opportunities. Moussiti-Okon finds the cross for Sarthois well after having sown discord on the left flank of the penalty area, but it is far too little to change the scoreboard. In the second half, the pattern is repeated: the two teams can no longer win (five games without success for Le Mans, five defeats in the last six games for Rodez), and can not find a way to stem the bad series. The content is insufficient on both sides to obtain anything other than a small point of this meeting, a verdict made concrete by the final whistle. Le Mans is going badly.

Match score: 0/6, like the number of Le Mans victories in the last six games. Everything gets complicated.