The bulls will let Zach LaVine pay Jim Boylen's fine, according to a report

Zach LaVine has the back of Jim Boylen.

According to ESPN, who cited unidentified sources in the league, the Bulls goaltender contacted the Chicago reception office and offered to pay his coach's fine after his expulsion from Los Angeles defeat after s & # 39; 39 to be played with his coach Doc Rivers.

The report says the move will cost LaVine about $ 7,000.

The incident came a little over a minute into the third quarter, after Los Angeles's Montrezl Harrell shot a heavy half-court display on Shaquille Harrison of Chicago.

The NBA is fun.

– Bulls Talk (@NBCSBulls) March 16, 2019

However, things got heated early in the first period when Harrell installed a hard screen that threw Ryan Arcidiacono to the ground and finally eliminated him.

Ryan Arcidiacono takes a hard screen

– Gustavo Vega (@ iamvega1982) March 16, 2019

In addressing the reporters after the match, Rivers could not understand the ejection, which took place after what Harrell had insisted on being a legal screen.

"I do not know why I was ejected, I really do not know", Rivers m said. "I was talking to the referee and basically saying that it was a clean choice." Suddenly, I heard Boylen yell at me saying we were dirty or anything because in the first half, we established another legal choice and one of their guys at I meant maybe turn around and scream at your guys and tell them to call choices, but do not shout at me. ..But I did not say it so nicely.

"I never talk to the other coach unless the coach talks to me.I do not think I should be thrown out for that.I did not incite anything. "

Boylen, however, believed his team was focused while defending his actions.

"They placed another mobile screen mid-term that they called offensive foul," Boylen m said. "I already have a guy sitting in the locker room since the shot that he took in the first period.Now they attack my other leader with a moving screen and I do not appreciate that." I informed them about everyone I do not know how Doc is involved I have no problem with Doc He's fighting for his team, I'm fighting for my team . "

The Bulls and Clippers should not see each other again until next season.

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