Pelicans shoot a webber with TO blunder into an epic collapse

If you watched NBA games on Saturday night, you're probably not listening to the meeting between the Pelicans of New Orleans and Phoenix Suns. So, like most people, you've probably missed one of the oddest results of the season, with the Suns escaping with a 138-136 overtime win.

After an exciting end of regulation, in which Julius Randle and Devin Booker baskets exchanged at the last minute, we went into overtime, where the Pelicans took a five-point lead with less than two minutes to play. The Suns quickly filled this gap with a few buckets. It is there that things started to get out of hand.

Leading by one with only 15.4 seconds to play, keeps Pelicans Frank Jackson fouled, but only makes one of two free throws. Fortunately, Randle caught the rebound of the second and a foul was whistled just a split second before throwing the ball, giving two other free throws to the Pelicans. But Randle only touched one of them, leaving the Pels to three with 12.8 seconds to go.

As the Suns entered the ball, Darius Miller tried to make Booker confess to Devin to force him to throw the free throws, but the referees ignored a foul, and Booker opened for a potential of 3 points linking the player, to capture all the tunes. At this point, the Pelicans were up three with the ball and only 7.7 seconds left. The game was surely in the bag, right? Not really, because they immediately returned with a violation of five seconds.

On the next possession, the Pelicans made a mistake to the intelligent, but they had one to give, so the Suns put it out of reach again. For some reason, the Pels are not at fault the second time, and Josh Jackson went down and broke through a 3-pointer miracle to bind him with only a few seconds to play.

Wanting to set up a potentially winning game, the Pelicans called a break. The only thing to do was that they did not have one.

They were hit by a technical foul, at Chris Webber and the Fab Five. Booker walked calmly to the finish line and gave a free kick, giving the Suns the advantage, leaving the New Orleans crowd incredulous.

Due to the technique, the Suns also had the ball. Jackson was immediately fouled behind the scenes, hit one of two free throws and the game was over.

Congratulations to pelicans for a truly incredible loss. It really took tanks to a new level.

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