March Madness watch: Duke at the top of the rankings, but who joins them when Selection Sunday is on the horizon? – CBS Sports •

A Saturday with 14 championship tournament tournament games, madness was upon us. Here are eight takeaways from a very busy Sunday Selection:

1. duke Overcome State of Florida for the ACC tournament championships, the Blue Devils will become the number one seed in the world rankings. NCAA Tournament. Duke has been the best college basketball team this season and the Blue Devils will be rewarded as such.

2 Virginia will also be a seed No. 1 and probably No. 2 in general. The Cavaliers were beaten Friday by Florida State in the semifinal of the ACC tournament.

3 Tennessee win against Kentucky opened the door for volunteers to eventually become a No. 1 seed. They will play Auburn for the SEC title Sunday and must win to keep this chance alive.

4 North Carolina and Gonzaga could also be No. 1 seeds. Gonzaga is the only team to beat Duke while the Blue Devils were full. The Tar Heels and Tennessee each have a win over the Bulldogs outside the conference.

5 Michigan and Michigan State will play for the Big Ten Championship on Sunday. Whatever the outcome, both teams should be two seeded.

6 Washington late-season slide ending in a loss of eruption at Oregon in the title game of the Pac-12 tournament. The Ducks are now in the NCAA Tournament and have stolen an offer. In my support, the stolen offer belonged to UNC Greensboro.

7. The last four news are state of Ohio, TCU, St. John's and State of Arizona. Washington is a safer place than this group. So two of the last five teams in my support are Pac-12. Huskies fans will likely spend Sunday wondering when they relive the nightmare of 2012, when Washington won the Pac-12 regular season title and missed the NCAA tournament.

8. The last four news are UNC-Greensboro, Creighton, Furman and Belmont. This will not please the smaller fans of the conference if this happens.

The selection begins on Sunday with a busy schedule of the latest conference tournaments, followed by the selection show on CBS at 6 pm. AND. You can broadcast here through Mars Madness Live, which will be your favorite application for the next three weeks and more. In the meantime, CBS Sports Headquarters will have all the information, forecasts and analysis you may need throughout the morning, afternoon and night, as well as throughout the tournament. Post it for free, live and without signing in here.

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