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Six Nations Nations: England beats Scotland to seal Grand Slam

Six Nations Nations: England v ScotlandEngland (45) 80Tries: Beckett Violation 2 Hunting Smith Cleall 2 Cokayne Bern Hunter Scarratt O Donnell The inconvenients: Daley-Mclean 8, ScarrattScotland (0) 0

England ran 12 times by beating Scotland to seal a ninth Six Nations Grand Slam and regain the title.

They outclassed the Scots, scoring six times in the first 26 minutes, before Amy Cokayne scored a seventh try in the first half in the 40th minute.

Five more tries were scored in the second half before a crowd of 13,278 people in a tempered Twickenham.

This victory gave the Red Roses a 10th crown of the Six Nations after losing the title against France last year.

"I could not be more proud," said head coach Simon Middleton. "It was sensational, it was a terrible loss for France last year and we wanted to fix that, but we wanted to do it the right way."

England, the only full-time professional team in the Six Nations, were the irresistible favorites to win the victory they needed against Scotland, which ranks last in the chart, to complete the sweep.

Sarah Beckett took advantage in the third minute, after Poppy Cleall managed to break through the Scottish defense.

Katy Daley-Mclean, the flyweight, also made eight conversions for the second try three minutes later, before Natasha Hunt passed the ball with a stopped piece in the 12th minute.

Breach scored his second goal shortly thereafter, followed by points for Kelly Smith, Cleall and Cokayne before half-time, the latter coming shortly after Scotland's captain, Lisa Thomson, was hit. of a yellow card.

Cleall, Sarah Bern, Captain Sarah Hunter, Emily Scarratt and Catherine O Donnell all failed in the second half, but the final try was held despite the fact that Daley-McLean was beaten in the 73rd minute.

England is a long way ahead

Jess Breach has raised her total to nine tries of Six Nations this year

From England defeated defending champions France 41-26 in the second week of Six Nations this year, they were likely to win the title.

They scored more than 50 points in each of the other four games. They beat Scotland, their biggest goal of the campaign, bringing their total points to 278.

The Red Roses scored a total of 45 tries during the tournament, nine of which were won by the impressive 21-year-old winger Breach.

"Each of us is really proud," said Hunter, number eight. "We are doing our best to inspire the generation that will follow us.

"There is no better place to win a Grand Slam than the home of English rugby."

England has now won 16 of its last 17 tries, with its only loss to France in Grenoble last year.

The win over Scotland followed the spectacular draw between the two nations in men.

England has spent four years without a title between 2013 and 2016, but its second win in three years in three years clearly gives them the appearance of the team most likely to challenge the world champion, New Zealand, as the best team in the world.

It's their ninth Grand Slam in the current format of the six-team tournament, and they have also achieved the feat five times in its previous form of Nations Championship.

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The queues

England: McKenna; Breach, Scarratt, Harrison, Smith; Daley-McLean, Hunt; Botterman, Cokayne, Bern, P Cleall, Scott, Beckett, Fleetwood, Hunter (c).

Replacements: Davies, Cornborough, S. Brown, O Donnell, Packer, Riley, Burford, E. Scott.

Scotland: Rollie, Lloyd, Smith, Thomson, sergeant; Nelson, Maxwell; Kennedy, Skeldon, Forsyth, Wassell, Howat, Bonar, McLachlan, Konkel.

Alternates: Rettie, Cockburn, Dougan, Muzambe, McCormack, Grieve, Martin, Evans.

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