What eject ejected A.J. Hinch ending up in a spring training game?

Major league referees have a bad reputation. They are the best in the world in what they do. That said, some are better than others and, whether fair or not, Angel Hernandez has a reputation for being bad. His strike zone is inconsistent (to put it mildly) and is known to incite arguments. It's the opposite of what an umpire is supposed to do. They are supposed to broadcast things.

Hernandez is ejected on Friday Astros manager A.J. Hinch scored a goal in the bottom of the first run during his team's game against the Grapefruit League cardinals. Friday 's match was not televised, but here is a video of the incident of a fan in the bleachers. Looks like it was enough the screaming match:

After the match, Hinch told reporters, including Hunter Atkins of the Houston ChronicleThe incident this Friday was the result of a previous disagreement between the two. Hernandez has been a referee since 1991 and Hinch has been in the big leagues in a certain capacity (player, coach, etc.) since 1998. Both have a history.

Here is Atkins with the details:

Hinch said he and Hernández had a disagreement during a match in early spring. Hinch said that Hernández then admitted that he "is wrong four times at one party".

On Friday, Hinch challenged the balls and hit the Astros starter Forrest Whitley and is upset with the first call against (George) Springer in the bottom of the inning.

From the canoe, Hinch mentioned what Hernandez had told him and shouted, "You used the four."

On the one hand, it's a very good Hinch burn. On the other hand, he was sort of asking to be run with such a line.

The opening day is still in 12 days and we are in the canine days of spring training. Maybe Hinch just wanted to get away from the stadium for a few hours. Going out early and letting Hernandez take responsibility is considered a veteran gesture in my book.

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