The Browns as favorites to win the AFC North

the Cleveland Browns have suddenly become a talented team – and public – in this off season.

Their Super Bowl rating went from 25-1 to 14-1 at the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook after trading against a wide receiver. Odell Beckham Jr., and they are now the most wagered team to win the Super Bowl by tickets and cash at DraftKings Sportsbook in New Jersey.

  • The Browns deal against Odell Beckham Jr. attracted more bets and more money to win the Super Bowl than any other team, and Westgate moved his Super Bowl rating from 25-1 to 14-1.

Add favorites to win AFC North on the list of post-season achievements.

The SuperBook opened the Browns with +140 favorites to win the division on Saturday, closely followed by the Pittsburgh Steelers at +160 to Ravens of Baltimore at +250.

"They have the most talented lineup in the division and it's the team that the public will be looking to bet on," SuperBook manager John Murray told ESPN. "Many famous stars mean fascination of the public, and I think they would have won the division last season when they were gone with the Kitchens / Mayfield duo of Week 1."

Some other notable division chances:

• The Patriots of New England are the biggest favorites in the division at -700 to win AFC East for an 11th consecutive season.

• The Miami dolphins have the worst divisional rating at 40-1. the Colts of Indianapolis AFC South favorites (+125), followed by Houston Texans at +225.

• The Philadelphia Eagles are slightly (even) favorites in the NFC East on the Dallas Cowboys (125).

• The Chicago Bears (+160) are favorites in the north of the NFC, with Minnesota and Green Bay at +200.

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As David Purdum has pointed out, Beckham's addition to the Browns' improved list equates to "0.5 to 1 point" at the team's rated power, so much so. other elite players such as Julio Jones and Antonio Brown. Cleveland also added the defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson and defensive end Olivier Vernon this offseason.

According to, the Browns have never become AFC North's favorites (they date back to 2002 when the four-team division was created).

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