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Six Nations 2019: Wales beats Ireland to complete Six Nations Grand Slam

Wales coach Warren Gatland is pleased that his team has been able to confirm his predictions ahead of the tournament by winning the Grand Slam.

Gatland said that if Wales wins the opening match in France they were going to win the Six Nations.

"It's fine when predictions come true, is not it?" said Gatland.

"I have to have that belief and that self-confidence, and if I can make it a little representation for the players, I hope they can believe it too."

Wales captain Alun Wyn Jones said the players' attitude was dispelled.

"When you have someone who is so confident at the top of the tree, that filters out and it's hard to ignore," Jones said.

"He has some time left on his contract, so he can not leave the gas, his record speaks for itself."

This record is three Grand Slam tournaments – he becomes the first coach to achieve this feat – since taking over Gatland in 2008.

It was a 14th consecutive win for Wales, which will now be ranked second in the world behind New Zealand.

Six Nations: Warren Gatland proud of Wales who creates history

"There was no doubt that I was quite emotional afterwards," said Gatland.

"It's great, I'm so excited to watch these guys lift the trophy and celebrate.

"That's what it's all about: creating history and winning Grand Slam tournaments, things that no one can ever take away."

Gatland reflected on his personal feat, which he acknowledged impossible to achieve without his team.

"I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished," Gatland said.

"I'm pretty proud of what this coaching and management team has achieved – it's pretty special.

"I think I'll like it later, but the game is still about the players and we emphasize it.

"It was a great performance and the boys deserved it and this group of players will run through a brick wall for you.

"The young players went out without fear and showed a real character.

"They worked hard in this campaign and we pushed them hard."

Six Nations: "We now have a target on the back"

Gatland said that the Irish coach, Joe Schmidt, had made a mistake in choosing to leave the roof of the Principality Stadium roof maintained despite the rain in Cardiff.

"We probably made some decisions that we missed and I thought the referee had a great match," said Gatland.

"I do not think he was too happy that the roof was open and that it was wet, so that probably helped us a little too!

"The conditions suited us the way we had planned and prepared, we expected the roof to be open early in the week and, looking at the long-term weather forecast, we thought it was going to rain.

"Our game plan dictated what we were going to do and the guys were great."

It was Gatland's last act as coach of Wales in the Six Nations, who is retiring after the World Cup in Japan later this year.

Six Nations: "I do not know if I will do a training on Monday" – Anscombe

"The full house atmosphere, the entrance to the bus, the fans and the celebrations that will follow will be missed," said Gatland.

"Sitting somewhere next year watching the Six Nations will be something I will miss.

"As I have been involved here for so long, I only hope that they will be able to continue doing what we have done in the last 10 or 12 years in terms of giving back some respectability to this. jersey, to succeed and to be a hard team to beat.

"I know that when players wear this red jersey, it is not always winning, but the Welsh audience wants to see this group do their best.

"And if they do, it's all you can ask for – it's the kind of thing I'm going to miss in this group."

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