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Photo via Todd Melet

This Carolina team reminds me of Tar Heels.

Think of primal goalkeeper Phil Ford, selfless shooter goalkeeper John Kuester, the talented Walter Davis wing, and the great versatile Mitch Kupchak. It was a long time ago, but this version of 2019 has become something similar.

Roy Williams recognized, after Carolina's defeat in his quarterfinals of the American football tournament, that his current ball club had developed all the qualities of Louisville. Watching the Tar Heels take care of business in Charlotte brings me back to some of Dean Smith's vintage teams.

After a long season of practice and rehearsal, these heels have tweaked their good habits by playing intelligent and selfless basketball – offensive and team defense. Coby White improves his NBA resume every game, quickly as a fastball, able to bind to the basket or attack the outside shot. He shares the ball wonderfully with Kenny Williams, Cam Johnson and Luke Maye while Garrison Brooks rises the screens and defends the post with an underestimated success.

So tonight, the third ranked Heels put their experience and know-how at the service of the Blue Devils babies, who found Zion Williamson in the training, though they are still not at their best. ESPN has another bonanza in prime time after their previous two games with Blue Blood were the first and second best-rated games of the regular season.

Zion was sensational on his return after missing six games with the knee sprained on Feb. 20 against UNC for the first time and the second meeting. He blew and cleared a way up to 29 points, a perfect 13 on 13 ground, and 14 rebounds against Syracuse in the fourth quarter-final, while his teammates looked out of sync with his return.

With Zion and Duke monopolizing college basketball, Carolina has become a better team than Ol's national champions in 2017. Coby has reduced turnarounds and increased his explosiveness. Cam Johnson has shown himself far better besides Justin Jackson. Kenny Williams does not shoot well but is dedicated to defense and Maye giving the example for hard work at the gym and in the field.

The Blue Devils are still the darlings of the United States, and they can certainly beat the heels tonight, but as far as missing Zion was an asterisk, Carolina wants to win again with Williamson back and reach the ninth league match of the year. 39; ACC with Roy's head coach at 16 season at his alma mater.

And I think his last club, still in development, has the assets to do it.

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