Bracketology: Duke win over UNC takes Blue Devils to # 1 seed and puts Tar Talons in second place – CBS Sports •

There are two days left in the battle for the top and the bottom of the slice.


Virginia lost to State of Florida in the semifinals of the ACC tournament, giving up for the moment the seeded number 1. duke Overcome North Carolina in the other semifinal, the Blue Devils found themselves in this position. Duke must beat Florida State for the title of the CAC tonight to hang on.

I believe that the fourth seed # 1 will go to Kentucky if he wins the SEC and North Carolina tournament he does not do it. I think so too Gonzaga will stay on the top line of the support.

You can reasonably argue that the United Kingdom and the UNC must be No. 1 seed and that Gonzaga falls in second position. It's a six-team race for four places. At this moment, Gonzaga is the only team to beat Duke thoroughly.

Taking into account Duke's losses against UNC, especially without Zion Williamson, the same benefits must be taken into account for Tar Heels' victories.

At the bottom of the range, all the teams of bubbles have finished playing and hope only not to be stolen their offers. There are still four conferences in which this could happen.

Three of these games will be held on Saturday. The tournament championship MAC is ranked fifth favorite Buffalo against. Bowling pitch, who will not do NCAA Tournament without a win today. State of San Diego will fetch an offer when he faces State of Utah in the Mountain West tournament final. Finally, Oregon is aiming for a Pac-12 tournament championship against the regular season champion Washington.

Sunday could find Memphis play for an AAC tournament title at home, but the Tigers have to beat Houston to succeed.

The teams I'm in danger of losing their places in the slice, in the order, are UNC Greensboro, State of Arizona, St. John's and TCU. I referred to these last two as locks. I guess if the setbacks come in droves, they may not be locks after all.

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