Ryan Fry leaves Team Jacobs after 7 years

Less than a week after their semi-final defeat at the 2019 Brier, the Brad Jacobs team announced its dissolution.

On Friday morning, the team took advantage of its social media channels to announce that the third Ryan Fry would leave at the end of this season.

"After seven extraordinary years together, which allowed us to win the Brier, an Olympic gold medal, several Grand Slam titles and to be one of the best teams in our sport for many years we think it's time to try something different to start, "wrote the team on Facebook.

Chief Ryan Harnden, second E.J. Harnden and captain Brad Jacobs will continue to play together and begin the search for Fry's replacement.

"Fry will explore other options for next season," reads the article.

The team has just won another strong performance at the men's national championship. He finished second overall after the championship round before losing 1: 2 in the playoff game and losing again in the semifinal against Brendan Bottcher.

Honored to have the opportunity to return to the Brier and play in my home province. Thank you all for their continued support. A bit of adversity can provide a mountain of perspective

@ ryanfry79

"What an amazing ride these last seven years have been," said Fry. "During this period, Brad, E.J. and Ryan have become some of my closest friends and I wish them the best of luck."

The team will stay together to end this year's curling season. She will play the last two slams in Toronto and Saskatoon before the split.

"Although it has not been and will not be easy for any of us, we are going to enjoy the last two events of the season, still have some good battles together on the ice and do our best to finish our time together. as champions, "said Jacobs.

Brier and Olympic glory

It was almost as if it had happened overnight. The Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., Made its debut on the curling scene in 2013 and won the Brier title, the Olympic Trials title and the 2014 Olympic gold medal the following year.

Jacobs, Fry and the Harnden brothers were crazy, built and laughed at what people thought of them.

In many ways, they have been catalysts for changing the perception of curling players – the team has never been afraid to show their emotions on the ice, including the pumps in their fist after successful shots and broomsticks after misses.

WATCH | The Jacobs team marks an extra win against the Gushue Brier team:

Brad Jacobs grabbed a 4-foot end with his last shot in the 11th end while the Northern Ontario team beat Team Canada 7 to 6 in the Brier 2019 draw. 0:58

"The common theme of this team at the time of its creation was that we all wanted to be the best in the world, and that's exactly what we did." But the most important thing for me was to win another member of the team. the family, namely Ryan Fry, "said Ryan Harnden. .

They have always threatened to win in all curling tournaments in which they participated.

"I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be part of this incredible team that has achieved incredible feats, however, despite all the successes, what I will cherish the most are the moments of pleasure." that we have spent together and the friendships that will remain throughout life, "EJ Harnden said.

Extremely drunk in Red Deer

Controversy surrounded the team at the end of November, following the announcement of the news that Fry was part of a rematched team from the Red Deer Curling Classic for "unacceptable behavior", including "D & D". Extreme drunkenness ".

He replaced Jamie Koe, Chris Schille and DJ Kidby as a substitute when all four were kicked out of the World Curling Tour and were forced to give up their last game.

After receiving numerous complaints from opponents and bystanders, the Red Deer Curling Center Tournament Committee was forced to intervene.

"They went out to play curling and they were extremely drunk, they broke brooms and swore and unacceptable behavior that no one wants to watch or hear or listen to, and it was just" enough, that 's right. was enough, "said facility manager Wade Thurber at CBC Sports.

"There was some damage in the locker room and other teams complained about what they were being given in the locker room, so at the end of the day it was like" OK It's enough of this gong show. "The bonspiel committee collectively decided that we should remove them from the tournament for this year and what would happen later, I'm not sure yet. . "

After the incident, Fry is excused.

"I allowed myself to lose control and I offended people with my actions.I wish nothing more than to apologize to everyone individually," Fry said. "I came to the event to play and enjoy the sport, my actions were really disrespectful and embarrassing – the committee was right to stop us from playing."

A few days later, Fry announced that he would take a leave of absence from the team for an indefinite period. He ended up missing two events – the Canada Cup and a slam in Newfoundland and Labrador.

"We are all very disappointed," said Jacobs of Sault Ste. Marie, have after the incident.

"We do not support this type of behavior, whether it is posted on or off the ice, it's absolutely unacceptable, we've shared it with Ryan." At this point, we're just taking steps needed to manage it internally and that's really where we are. "

Marc Kennedy played in the absence of Fry at the Canada Cup and the team then won.

At this point, the Jacobs team has not specified who could replace Fry in the team.

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