Fantasy Baseball Stock Watch: Domingo Santana on the move, Craig Kimbrel on the way down

The opening day – both in Japan and the US – will be here soon, and the fantasy baseball projects are in full swing. But values ​​and PBOs are constantly changing as spring training draws to a close. It is very important to stay abreast of trends and why some reflexes are becoming unavoidable sleepers and why some early spring sleepers are falling in the rankings.

You will never want to miss out on selecting a guy you really want, simply because you thought it would last longer, and you also do not want to overtraddle someone who l & # 39; 39 would have been a few laps later. So, who stores and who goes up?

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Fantasy Baseball Stock Watch: ADP risers

Francisco Mejia, C, Padres. Mejia has been one of the best hopes for what seems to be an eternity now, but he has not done much in the majors (although in a small sample). In 69 games in total in the last two seasons, he has only hit .174 with 22 strikeouts. However, he is about to start off steamy in the spring (three innings at home, three doubles, nine RBIs and a .385 BA over 26 batting), and his ADP is skyrocketing. During the last week, his PDA is 238, 19 places more than his 257 registered the week before. This makes sense, however, given the whimsical terrain that serves as receiver in the fantasy and the fact that it can still be caught after the 200 choice. It will be on the strong side of the pack if it hits well and it has enough advantage is worth it.

Peter Alonso, 1B, Mets. Alonso has not stopped crushing baseballs since the start of spring training and his fantasy world is not far behind. His ADP this week is at 226, up 12 places out of 238 the previous week and 11 points out of 249 the previous week. To date, at spring training, he has completed three homers and is second in the league average batting (.406), slugging percentage (.813) and OPS (1,270) among skilled hitter . He even praised Red Sox manager Alex Cora, who said[Alonso is] Probably the best hitter in Florida right now. His powerful display of power should not be too much of a surprise, however, given that he hit 36 ​​homers and 119 RBIs on 478 wins between AA and AAA in 2018. Even though Alonso fails to break the camp as the first base player of the Mets, it should not have to wait too long before seeing him occupy this position on a regular basis.

Domingo Santana, OF, the sailors. If you caught my tweet on Friday, you know that I became a little tired of Santana's abundance of comments as a "sleeper". That being said, his stock is rising sharply, and it's important to know when you're targeting one of the most fashionable names in fantasy baseball. His ADP this week climbed into the top 200 to 198, up 17 places on his mark of 215 in the previous week. He will be an everyday player for the Mariners and he crushes the ball during spring training. Out of 22 attacks, he scored four homers and a batting average of .455. He is only 26 years old, and not so long ago (2017), we saw him score 30 home runs, 85 runs, 88 points, 15 sacks and a .278 shot for the Brewers. Even with the rise in its stock, it remains a very nice target at its current price.

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Fantasy Baseball Stock Watch: ADP Fallers

Jed Lowrie, 2B / 3B, Mets. Lowrie's slow progress in healing a knee injury begins to wreak havoc on his ADP. His ADP dropped to 382 this week, down 45 places from his mark of 337 the previous week. There has been no recent update of the injury and its return date is very dark, which will always worry the editors. The injury, however, is not considered serious and may be able to return in time for the opening day (or at least shortly thereafter). He has just had a career year and his first participation in the game of stars, making him a decent choice among a selection of almost 400 selections, even after 35 years. There is little or no risk in choosing someone so late.

Harrison Bader, OF, Cardinals. Bader took an icy start to spring training, and people seem worried, his ADP having fallen to 201 this week after sitting at 187 the previous week. Although a small sample, Bader only hits .160 with zero more shots on 25 counter-attackers and stole only one goal on two attempts. However, he has just had a very good rookie season in which he finished with 12 home runs, 15 steals and a batting average of .260 out of 377 at batting. He should become a regular Cardinals lineup and his mix of power and speed makes him an intriguing player, but he should be near the bottom of the lineup, which has somewhat dampened the buzz. around him. It should provide fantasy owners with a 15/15 season, but this can be associated with low totals and points produced. If, at any given moment, it clashes at the top of the range, it would be a bargain at its current price.

Craig Kimbrel, RP, free agent. Kimbrel still has not found new housing and this is starting to affect his ADP. He had an average of 93 picks this week, seven fewer than his mark of 86 the previous week. It's far from surprising, however. The closer the season approaches, the more its ADP will continue to fall as long as it will remain unsigned. In all likelihood, he will sign and it will not be a problem, but there is always a small chance that it will drag in the season and become a headache for fantasy owners. Personally, his stock would be even lower for me than where he is, and in the only Dutch / Dutch leagues, it would be someone that I would completely avoid. Know that there is a risk when you are currently considering it in drafts.

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Fantasy Baseball Stock Watch: Players to Watch

Chris Archer, SP, Pirates. Archer's ADP edged up this week to 131, six places higher than his mark of 137 last week, and he could continue to do so. Archer was catastrophic last season with an average of 4.31 silver points, six wins and 162 strikeouts, but he's a guy who was already in the top 50 before the start of the year and who is still only 30 years old. In the previous three seasons, Archer ranged between 233 and 252 catch, and his worst score at the EAR was 4.07. He will now have a full season in the National League and should be more comfortable than he was when he joined the Pirates for the first time last season. He also had a fantastic start to spring training with eight strikeouts, no race and only three base riders against five innings (two starts). An EER at 3.00 and a total of more than 200 above the total are more than accessible marks for Archer this year, and at its price, it is difficult to oppose his candidacy.

Austin Meadows, OF, Rays. Meadows' ADP remained stable at 188 this week and is a close watch as the season approaches. The young player had his first season as an MLB rookie last season with a .287 average with six home runs and five out of 178 shots. Double threat (power / speed) guys like Meadows are still in demand in fantasy and it's a solid target at its current price. He also had a good start to spring training – two homers, one steal and a .308 average of 26 overall – which is a little surprising that his ADP was stagnant. He will be an everyday player for the Rays, and a 15/15 season is quite conceivable for the southpaw.

* PDAs are based on preliminary versions of NFBC.

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