ACC 2019 Tournament: Previews and Predictions for Each Team

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    Chris Seward / Associated Press

    At the beginning of the conference, all eyes will be turned to ACC or, more specifically, Duke. Zion Williamson has been absent since February 20, after suffering ankle injury. He should come back for the conference tournament. His presence – or lack thereof – could tip the tournament, with all its other implications.

    Beyond Williamson, the ACC tournament abounds with intrigues. Virginia still looks as dangerous as ever and North Carolina has started the end of the regular season. These games will determine how some of these teams will be ranked in the NCAA Tournament or if they qualify at all. There is a lot to watch.

    Here are the forecasts for the 15 teams participating in the tournament, in the order of their official ranking before the opening games on Tuesday.

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    Keith Srakocic / Associated Press

    First round match: No. 10 Georgia Tech (Tuesday, 2 pm, Eastern Time)

    Prediction: Loses in his first match

    At age 3-15, Notre Dame is tied with Pittsburgh, making it the worst conference record of the CAC. There is not much reason to believe that the Irish who are fighting have a shot against a better team from George Tech and that they will fall in the first round.

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    Keith Srakocic / Associated Press

    First round match: # 11 Boston College (Tuesday, 7pm)

    Prediction: Loses in his first match

    Like Notre Dame, Pitt is clearly at the bottom of the conference. Like the Irish, the Panthers do not have much hope of avoiding a first-round exit against a more talented team from Boston College.

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    Robert Franklin / Associated Press

    First round match: N ° 12 Miami (Tuesday lunch)

    Prediction: Won his first game and lose to No. 5 Virginia Tech

    Tuesday's match between Miami and Wake Forest is the only opening match of the opening day with a lot of intrigues. These teams share the season and Wake just suffered a disappointing loss to Florida State, which ended in a late loss after a solid first half performance.

    This pattern for Wake Forest follows a similar end-game collapse against Duke. Deacons demons continue to play well against the best teams before running out of steam at the end. This will be a problem for them as the ACC tournament progresses.

    The Miami team that Wake Forest faces in the first round of the tournament is not as good, and Wake should be well positioned to take advantage of the lack of depth of the Hurricanes' reliable score. However, a win in the first round would allow Wake Forest to face Virginia Tech, which will dispel longstanding concerns about his ability to hang out with the best teams in the conference.

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    Grant Halverson / Getty Images

    First round match: No 13 Wake Forest (Tuesday, noon ET)

    Prediction: Loses in the first match

    In Friday's loss to Virginia Tech, not a single Miami bench player scored a point. This lack of reliable depth is a serious problem for Hurricanes preparing to take part in conference tournaments.

    Miami has struggled in recent weeks to shoot the perimeter. On Friday, Chris Lykes, alone, missed his first seven three-point attempts and only fired 5 times out of 15 overall. The rest of the team did not do much better, and that does not leave much room for encouragement for the ACC tournament.

    The Wake Forest team, which the Canes are facing in the first round, is eager to redeem themselves after the recent defeats against Duke and Florida State. Unless the Miami bench does not show up as it has done recently, the tournament could be just a matter of dupes for the Hurricanes.

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    Michael Dwyer / Associated Press

    First round match: # 14 Pittsburgh (Tuesday, 7 pm ET)

    Prediction: Wins his first game, loses at No. 6 Syracuse

    Boston College kicks off an ACC tournament in the wake of an embarrassing defeat against the state of North Carolina, in which it slaughtered 16 out of 60 players as a team.

    The Eagles first-round match with Pittsburgh, at the bottom of the conference, should at least be good enough to avoid a flawless performance in conference tournaments. But once it's time to face the most talented and ranked teams, there's more reason to believe that they'll be able to get angry.

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    Danny Karnik / Associated Press

    First round match: No. 15 Notre Dame (Tuesday, 2 pm ET)

    Prediction: First match, loses at No. 7 Louisville

    Georgia Tech should be able to face Notre Dame in first place in the first round without too much difficulty, but her second-round match with Louisville will be another story.

    Louisville beat Georgia Tech by 28 points in his only meeting of the season, behind a big night of Jordan Nwora. Georgia Tech managed to deal with a variety of injuries throughout the season and remain competitive, but the Louisville match was particularly bad. This should happen the same way when they meet this time in the ACC tournament.

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    Robert Franklin / Associated Press

    First round match: State of North Carolina No. 8 (Wednesday noon)

    Prediction: Wins first match, loses against No. 1 Virginia

    Clemson enters the ACC tournament after a fine end-of-season win over Syracuse. The Tigers recovered well after a slow start to conference play and finished the year with a 9-9 record against VAC competitors.

    The only meeting of the year between Clemson and NC State was a thriller. Clemson got a six-point lead at the last minute after being cold from the free throw line. The team will seek to avenge this defeat in the first round of the conference tournament.

    If the Tigers beat NC State in the first round, they will be faced with the first seed, Virginia Cavaliers, which they simply can not compete with the talent.

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    Steven Cannon / Associated Press

    First round match: N ° 9 Clemson (Wednesday, noon ET)

    Prediction: Loses in the first match

    NC State ended its season with an easy and unmissable victory against Boston College. His first-round opponent, Clemson, also enters after finishing his season on a win, although Clemson's victory over Syracuse is a little closer than the last game of NC State.

    The Wolfpack fought back to defeat the Tigers in their only meeting of the season, but it took a series of missed free throws and a late-game chance to get there. These teams are tied and Clemson will have a chip on his shoulder.

    NC State has scored just five to five of its last 10 conference games, striving to get the consistency it will need if it wants to go far in the tournament. This could be a short race in the tournament for the Wolfpack.

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    Ryan M. Kelly / Getty Images

    First round match: Georgia Tech # 10 (scheduled) (Wednesday, 7 pm ET)

    Prediction: Wins first game, loses second place in North Carolina

    The Cardinals finished the regular season on a disappointing note, losing to Virginia, the conference's top team, on the road.

    Even after this defeat, they seem well placed to embark on the first rounds of the tournament, if not to seriously launch towards the crown. They are not as deep as those of Virginia and Duke, as clearly revealed the defeat against the Cavaliers. Jordan Nwora got 19 points and six rebounds, which was not enough, and other shortcomings throughout the training clearly show that they are not in the same category as the best teams in the conference.

    A victory over Georgia Tech in the first round of the tournament should be at the rendezvous for Louisville, but it would be a clash with the very prominent, Tar Heels, number 2. It will not end well for the cardinals.

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    Brett Carlsen / Getty Images

    First round match: No. 11 Boston College (screened) (Wednesday, 9 pm ET)

    Prediction: Wins his first game, loses against No. 3 Duke

    The Syracuse business card is again his defense, which is again in the top 20 of the country. The length of Orange can overwhelm the teams. They block a lot of shots and generate a lot of turnovers. They ended the regular season with a disappointing loss to Clemson, but found themselves facing a friendly opponent in the first round, either at Boston College or Pittsburgh. One or the other should be a comfortable win for them.

    Unfortunately, a win in the first round would probably provoke a clash with a Duke team that seems to be in good health with Zion Williamson in his place, and that does not bode well for Orange.

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    Robert Franklin / Associated Press

    First round match: No. 13 Wake Forest (scheduled) (Wednesday, 2 pm, Eastern Time)

    Prediction: Victories of the first two games, lost to No. 1 Virginia

    The season was tough for Virginia Tech, between injury problems for goaltender Justin Robinson and the loss of Chris Clarke and Landers Nolley II all year. The Hokies' resistance and the work of their coach Buzz Williams prove that they still managed to rank 5th in the ACC tournament standings and that they will be difficult to obtain.

    The Nickeil Alexander-Walker round-robin play has kept them afloat this season, as has Kerry Blackshear Jr., who had an outstanding year as a senior. Robinson is expected to stay away for most, if not all, of the ACC tournament, but now they are used to playing without him and should be able to handle their confrontations early in the game.

    Nevertheless, the talent gap between the Hokies and Virginia, the first group, if they meet, would be too difficult to overcome for Virginia Tech.

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    Phil Sears / Associate Press

    First round match: Virginia Tech (Projected) # 5 (Thursday, 2:30 pm ET)

    Prediction: Loses in the first match

    Florida State has just finished a fantastic season setting a new program record with 13 conference wins. The Seminoles have won 12 of their last 13 games to close their conference and defeated Virginia Tech in their only game of the season.

    Virginia Tech will probably take revenge for her Thursday match in the ACC tournament. The Hokies have managed to mitigate the loss of Justin Robinson and stay afloat in conference, and they have a chance to get to the bottom of the tournament. A talented FSU team can simply make a bad first-round match after they leave.

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    Gerry Broome / Associate Press

    First round match: No. 6 Syracuse (planned) (Thursday, 9 pm ET)

    Prediction: Victories of the first two games, lose against Virginia in the final of the ACC

    Duke's chances of winning the ACC title, of course, go to the health of striker superstar Zion Williamson. If he's healthy, the Blue Devils could win everything. Otherwise, they could be directed to a quick exit.

    Williamson is expected to be back for the ACC tournament, and his return will be the most discussed history of college basketball. Duke is a different team with him on the floor on both sides.

    However, even though Williamson's expected return will be enough to allow Duke to win the first rounds of the tournament and clinch a spot in the ACC title match, he will still be back after missing the match. because of an injury to the ankle. him a moment to find his foot. Duke will face a Virginia team that has closed the season strongly and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

    An ACC title would be fine, but the real goal of Williamson and Duke is a deep race in March. If he's back to complete the form at the end of the ACC tournament, it will have been a success regardless of the result of the match for the title.

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    Gerry Broome / Associate Press

    First round match: No. 7 Louisville (planned) (Thursday, 7 pm ET)

    Prediction: Wins first match, loses against second duke

    Carolina eliminated Duke in the final game of the regular season with a strong defensive performance and the animated nights of Coby White and Kenny Williams to offset the inefficiency of the paint.

    The Tar Heels are No. 2 for a reason and they should be big favorites in their first round match, probably against Louisville. The most important test will be a possible rematch in the semifinal with Duke, which should allow Zion Williamson to return to training.

    Williamson, of course, was injured in the ankle 30 seconds after the start of the Duke-Carolina encounter on February 20th. Assuming that he is fit for the tournament, Carolina will have his hands full.

    Until then, however, Carolina seems to have peaked at the right time and seems well prepared for a solid series of ACC tournaments.

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    Steve Helber / Associated Press

    First round match: N ° 9 Clemson (screened) (Thursday, 12:30 ET)

    Prediction: Win the VAC tournament

    Virginia finished the season strongly to maintain the first place in the conference tournament. The team should continue its momentum to win the VAC title.

    The Cavaliers are deep and talented, losing only two games of the season. They have a balanced attack led by Ty Jerome and Kyle Guy, with many other players able to shoot and shoot. Upon entering the tournament, they look as strong as any team.

    Both losses came to Duke before Zion Williamson's ankle injury. This Blue Devils team could be their opponent in the game for the title of ACC. But unlike a Duke team that lost their best player, Virginia maintained her continuity and turned out to be an excellent No. 1 seed in the conference.

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