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"They will recruit your daughters for their eternal wars", Ben Domenech The federalist rages. This after a federal judge in Texas ruled Friday that an exclusively male project is unconstitutional in a surprise decision that only started to hit the press late Sunday via a United States today report.

US District Judge Gray Miller of the Southern District of Texas wrote in his decision that the "time has passed" on the continuation of the debate for women in the armythat the controversial issue of women serving in combat "may have justified past discrimination".

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Miller made his decision in NCFM v. Selective service in the form of a declaratory judgment rather than an injunction, which means that even if stating that the ban on women being drafted is "unconstitutional" and therefore illegalhe has not stopped giving an order on how the government should change the selective service to make it constitutional.

"It is conceivable that the average woman is better suited to some of today's fighting positions than the average man, depending on the skill set. Combat roles no longer require a uniform size or muscle, "wrote Miller.

Ironically, the decision is based on a complaint lodged by a Men's group of equal rights. the National Men's Coalition (NCFM), founded in 1977 to "raise awareness of how gender discrimination affects men and boys", challenged the exclusively male project as discriminatory.

Although the United States has not attended a military project since 1973, in Vietnam, it was still a distant but real possibility (in the event of a World War III scenario) given that the selective service system was reactivated in 1980, after the project was halted from the Vietnam War.

Women have always been able to volunteer for the military and have even recently been admitted to positions in combat. a controversial policy change that came into force in 2016 but an eligible female project seemed an impossibility.

I warned that it was going to happen for years. Bush named elsewhere. They will recruit your girls for their eternal wars.

– Ben Domenech (@bdomenech) February 24, 2019

However, an 11-member federal commission recently studied the future of the selective service system, including whether women should be included in the project. In the light of the NCFM bomb v. Selective Service decision, commission chair Joe Heck said United States today, "I do not think we will stay with the status quo."

Marc Angelucci, a lawyer for the National Men's Coalition, said in a statement NCFM press release after the decision, "Women are now allowed to fight, so this decision is long overdue." He went on to explain the CNMF's position: "After decades of sex discrimination against men on selective service, courts have finally found it unconstitutional to force men to register." All US citizens of sex male must register for selective service within 30 days of their 18th birthday, they may suffer consequences ranging from the loss of student financial aid or eligibility for government employment.

The lawyer continued: "Even without a project, men still incur jail time, fines and refusal of federal loans for not registering or not informing the government of their displacements. Since women will have to register with the selective service, they should have the same impact as men for any non-compliance. "

Angelucci acknowledged to USA Today that the decision is finally "symbolic" at this stage; however, "Either they have to get rid of temporary registration, or they have to force women to do the same thing as men."

Image Source: Selective Service System / Washington Times

It is interesting to note that the judge based his decision in part on Obergefell v. Hodges of 2015, which canceled the ban on same-sex marriage. according to United States today:

Citing the Supreme Court ruling overturning the ban on same-sex marriage, Miller ruled that sex-based restrictions "must essentially serve a significant government interest aujourd & # 39; hui."

Among the most angry responses to the decision is the popular columnist The American conservative, Rod Dreher. Dreher said as a result of the decision of the Texas federal court:

I can accept a registration project, but the day the US government tries to appoint my daughter is the day I take her abroad to dodge this unfair law. The idea that the US government would constrain our girls – not 'offer them the possibility of', but constrain – going to fight because of egalitarian cultural madness is dangerous and offensive.

And Dreher then quoted an interesting excerpt from an unknown commentator on "egalitarian cultural madness" that no longer recognizes any gender distinction, but with important consequences:

Refresher course for girls: If you play a sport (including wrestling), you will have to do it against people with a Y chromosome and a penis, and you will also have to share the bathroom with these people. and you will be enlisted in the armed forces fight eternal wars caused and directed almost exclusively by these same people – So when will you thank us for saving you from the misfortunes of patriarchy?

So symbolic that the decision of the court may be in the near future, it remains no less than last yearorally recognized in Congress this the United States is currently at war in seven countries.

Dreher reflects in conclusion: "You have to wonder if an American government that would get its young women on the front lines is an American government that is worthy of obeying. you I must ask for it I'm really not sure. "

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