Hosmer feels a different mood in the 2nd season with the Padres

PEORIA, Arizona (Parlay Game) – Eric Hosmer was able to focus strictly on baseball this off season and likes what he sees with the sudden dynamics San Diego Padres.

Hosmer arrived at the spring training last year after signing a $ 144 million contract over eight years as a free agent. The craze provoked by his signing did not last very long, he had difficulties in his first season with the Padres, who lost 96 games and finished last in the west of the NL.

Now the first base player is stimulated by his new teammate Manny Machado, who last week signed a $ 300 million 10-year deal, and the best prospect Fernando Tatis Jr., who is expected to make his league debut at some point in 2019.

Hosmer's contract was the largest in the team's history until Machado signed the most important contract for a free agent.

"This is a huge leap forward for this organization," said Hosmer. "It shows everyone what we are all about. This is something we do not try to preach or speak. They are out, hired a player and have a guy who will help us win a championship one day. "

Last spring, during his training, Hosmer had to get acquainted with new teammates and a new league. He signed his contract shortly after the throwers and the catchers came to the camp. He said a team had not received a bid until mid-January and made sure he made the right decision before choosing San Diego.

"I did not know much about the organization until I did my homework when I was a free agent," he said. "Just read about all the talents and see all that. Especially this year, with these guys seeing what Tatis did in the winter, which Franmil (Reyes) did it last year, there is a lot of potential in this organization. "

Hosmer has been able to change his priorities for preparing his mind and body for baseball.

"It's really different for me to come in here and to be able to know a lot of faces," he said. "I just focused on baseball all season and it was probably the best part about it. I did not have to be a lawyer or agent during the off-season. I can only worry about the training and position of my body so I can play 162 games and feel that I have really done a good job with that. "

Hosmer scored just 253 points last year, down 65 points. His 18 circuits, 65 RBIs and a base percentage of 322 were his lowest in four seasons. He broke his career record 142 times.

"I do not really know what happened. Things did not go as planned, "said Hosmer. "There is really no excuse for that. It was not to play as I wanted. I took it very seriously this off season and it all started. "

Once again, the Padres camp is in full swing.

"I think we are at a time when everyone knows we want to win and we are serious about it," Hosmer said. "It's not just talking. It's not us who are trying to sell you something. It's actions and going out and doing something. "

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