England must stop its moments of madness to win the World Cup – Vaughan • Parlay Game

The West Indies beat England in the second match of the ODI to tie the five-game series 1-1

Former UK captain Michael Vaughan said that one day the former captain would have to stop having "crazy moments" to win the World Cup this summer.

Tourists lost their last six wickets for only 35 points against the West Indies on the second international day in Barbados on Friday.

The rain caused Monday's third ODI to be abandoned without a bowling ball.

"England has all it takes to win the World Cup, with the exception of those crazy moments," said Vaughan.

"It happens every four or five games and if it happens in the semifinals, they're eliminated."

England was stunned by Pakistan in the 2017 Champions Trophy semifinal after being eliminated for 211 Heavier ODI defeat against Sri Lanka in October, having already won the series.

Eoin Morgan's team, which is ranked number one in the world, has 10 ODIs scheduled before the start of its World Cup campaign, which will begin Wednesday with the fourth ODI against the West Indies in Grenada.

"The Indian team, about the time it won the 2011 World Cup, did not have the same day as England in Barbados on Friday," Vaughan told BBC Radio 5 live & # 39; s Tuffers and Vaughan show.

"The Australian team that won in 2015 lost a match, but did not have moments like England.

"This is not a [whole] It's almost a game-time – in this Champions Trophy semifinal against Pakistan, it was about 10 times more than England who lost four quick wickets and where the game was over.

"It's what worries me for them in the World Cup."

Vaughan said that although the English stick is their "force majeure", it is also "the only thing that could let them down under pressure".

"England is bored if she does not hit her.If she did not hit a border in 10 balls, she thinks:" I have to hit one, "he added. .

"It's the only thing I watch and worry about the team – if it's under a lot of pressure in a single match and the ball moves a bit and it goes gung-ho.

"If they continue to play this way, they will have games where they will completely dominate.

"But they also have that match, where I still doubt that they're not smart enough to fend for themselves over a 20-year period when a little cricket in the old might be necessary. "

Vaughan said that England had enough experience to put an end to such collapses, but that she "just worked on her mentality".

"If you are in the middle, win the game, do not leave it to someone else, do not be bored of doing what you do well," he said.

"This English team has been great, it has trained the brain at 330. It's nice to watch.

"But they may reach the semifinals and 270 would be enough and if you go from 330 to 350, you only get 210".

"You do not win a World Cup just by hitting it, you have to play smart cricket."

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