Cousins ​​unhappy after technique to launch a shoe

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Warriors of the state of the gold center DeMarcus Cousins played his best game of the season in a 121-110 victory over the Charlotte Hornets Monday night, but it was a technical foul he had received in the fourth quarter for throwing a shoe on the ground that had frustrated him after the win.

The game in question came with 4 minutes 51 seconds into the fourth quarter when Hornets guard Jeremy LambThe shoe is detached near the crime line. The cousins, who were defending in the area, took the shoe out of his right hand and threw it on the sidelines. The official Brian Forte had whistled for technical foul, just after the shoe had left the limits of the track. Cousins, who missed almost a year of play after being torn his left Achilles last season, could not believe the call and went to Forte several times to plead his case .

"Next time, I'll just step on the shoe and roll my ankle, break it, rip an Achilles," said Cousins ​​after the match. "Leave it there next time, I guess that's what they want, I'll keep that in mind."

Cousins ​​said his atonement was simple: "Basically, you can not throw a shoe."

Cousins ​​'teammates were also surprised that the call was over, but the Warriors' striker Draymond Green made a point of saying that he thought Forte was playing a solid game.

"I do not know if I've seen that before," Green said. "But he's crazy, he's sitting in the middle of the floor, I do not know, we have all these rules for player safety, you can barely challenge a shot without hurting yourself, but you're supposed to leave Sitting, it's a bit crazy for me, but that's what I think I thought Brian Forte had played a big game tonight, so it's a dubious call, but he was there with a few calls then I thought he had Game. "

"Next time, I'm just going to step on the shoe and roll my ankle, break it, rip an Achilles, just leave it there next time, I guess that's what they want." "

DeMarcus Cousins

The Warrior head coach, Steve Kerr, also had not seen the rule applied, recognizing that this must now be the letter of the law.

"I do not know what the rule is," said Kerr. "I do not know if there is an automatic rule that if you throw another guy's shoe out of reach, on the other hand, you could hurt yourself. did not really know the rule.He had the technique, so I guess that's the rule. "

Guard warriors Stephen Curry said that he had seen the rule applied "many times", emphasizing with amusement that Cousins ​​just needed to run it slower next time.

"It must be a bit trickier to throw it at the sidelines – like horseshoes," says Curry, "Just touch the line and sit down, not throw it in the stands. too strong, that's all, too strong. "

The good news for Cousins ​​and the Warriors is that after struggling to find a rhythm in recent weeks, he had his best performance since returning to training on Jan. 18, finishing the night with 24 points, 11 rebounds, three aids and three blocks.

  • DeMarcus Cousins, center of Golden State, has had "bad days" in his last four games, calling his performance "frustrating".

  • Steve Kerr says the DeMarcus Cousins ​​should start playing longer after being limited to about 25 minutes per game since their return.

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"It's the happiest he's watched," Kerr said. "He looked very comfortable tonight and he made some movements in the hoop where he showed great agility – that 's the best he' s looked at. "

Cousins ​​has been encouraged by many of his teammates for weeks now, but he has distinguished Kevin Durant and assistant coach Jarron Collins for their recent stimulus talks.

"K has preached, I can not say that he preaches." K patted me, just about to stop thinking about it, will play my JC was also on my head to go out and be aggressive, to choose my places to be aggressive on the open floor.And I found places and I played a few pieces so that's It was good to have a good one at my belt. "

The most positive figure for Cousins ​​and the Warriors is that he played a 31-minute season record after being crowned about 25 minutes before the all-star break.

"I think he's hoping to have more time, he said that," Kerr said. "I'm well aware of that and he played really well tonight."

Cousins ​​admitted that the 31 minute mark was the highlight of his night.

"I'm happier than playing," said Cousins. "I made sure to give Steve a big hug after that."

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