Column: Steve Stricker seizes Patrick Reed

MEXICO (CITY) (Parlay Game) – Steve Stricker has not waited for the official announcement to take his first step as captain of the Ryder Cup.

He called Patrick Reed.

It was two days before a long Wednesday of press conferences, radio broadcasts, a parade in his state of Wisconsin, where, in 2020, he will be leading the US Whistling Straits team in the goal to regain the Ryder Cup.

It remains to be seen whether Reed is part of the team.

It will depend largely on his performance over the next two years, not what happened five months ago in France.

Prior to the Ryder Cup announcement, Stricker was gearing up for the media when he realized that Reed could be a popular topic, at least the day he was named captain. Instead of preparing the right message to the media, he picked up the phone.

"I thought I was going to have questions about Patrick and everything that was going on," Stricker said. "All I saw was what was happening on social media, some of the golf clubs, things like that, I just wanted to hear about him, his truth." Is explained and how he thought that he was cheated at the Ryder Cup, and he wants to go ahead and that he's got everyone back. "

The "trick" that Stricker alluded to made even worse a bad week at Golf National.

Reed and Jordan Spieth were 4-1-2 partners in the previous two Ryder Cups – 8-1-3 when the Presidents Cup was included. Spieth played this Ryder Cup with Justin Thomas, whom he knows as well as everyone else, and who was a blazing spot for the Americans by winning three of their four games. Reed played with his idol, Tiger Woods, and they lost both games before seeing the 18th hole.

In the now-famous New York Times interview, just hours after the end of the matches, Reed blamed Spieth for not playing together, said captain Jim Furyk was not smart to replace him in two times and had hinted that Europe was better at getting the team forward. ego.

It was then.

Reed says that he sent a text to "all guys" immediately after the Ryder Cup and that everyone, with the exception of the media, has moved on to something else.

Maybe yes, but surely there would be times when he would be rethought.

That was the case at Torrey Pines, when Reed and Spieth were part of the same group for the first time since the Ryder Cup. There was a lot of attention on the first tee for a group with eight strokes of the head. Spieth tried to spread the moment by leaning happily for a hug with Reed on the first tee. They both laughed. They chatted during the round about equipment or anything the players want to do to save time between shots.

Friends? Probably not. But they are still teammates.

And he was certain that the next captain of the Ryder Cup would be named.

Stricker has the reputation of being the gentlest man in golf, calm and respectful, imbued with Midwestern values. His father-in-law has already stated that Stricker treated an employee of the DIY store with as much consideration as a business executive.

He met his wife, Nicki, when Stricker took a lesson from former Wisconsin coach Dennis Tiziani. Stricker asked if he knew anything about the beautiful lifeguard as they walked by the pool. "It's my daughter," replied Tiziani. They soon had their first appointment, but only after she called him.

Stricker fought his tears when he was named captain of the Ryder Cup, and no one was surprised. He does this all the time.

Just do not understand that he's a sweet.

In three interviews last week, Stricker issued a message asking him to look forward rather than behind. It's important for him and for an American team that has suffered a setback in its attempt to build a new model of success for the Ryder Cup.

He has been warned enough to know that any lingering feeling of France should be addressed by talking to a player that Stricker considers more of an asset than a handicap.

"It was on my to-do list, to talk to him and see his side of things," Stricker said.

Reed did not want to reveal everything they were talking about, although they seemed to be on the same page. It is to move forward.

"The only thing I should not have done is talk to the media, but I felt like it was the right thing to do," Reed said. "When I spoke to him, I just said," Hey, man, I want to let you know that we've all gone beyond our goal, we're a team, I feel we're all going in the right direction. Now we try to play golf at best and try to form the team. "

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