AAF ranking after the 3rd week

I will not speak too soon, but the faults committed around the AAF start to find their rhythm. It was always going to take a moment. These teams have just met two months ago. And in addition to the calendar and chemistry that needs to be developed, the reality is not that every 22 starter in the first week is the right beginner 22.

As the FAA is a development league for the NFLAnyone watching these games has noticed that the quarterback was one of the positions that required the most development. If a team has a good quarterback, it's no wonder that they win (see our ranking of the week 3). If the quarter's situation is not as good, the records tend to follow. This is not an exaggerated attempt at simplification, but for the moment, the points are more important than they might be in a month. No one brings you these points faster than the player who touches the ball all the time.

Considering that quarterbacks are also the most watched position in the game, here are the top five players at this location after three weeks. Statistics play an important role in these rankings, but you will notice that it is not simply a ranking based on them. What they bring to the offensive – to the team – is just as important, if not more so.

5. Josh Woodrum, the Salt Lake stallions

Season stats: 32 of 53, 281 passing yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 INT

Woodrum did not play until a full match due to a thigh injury that left him out for week 2. He was back last Saturday when he was out. a critical victory of 23 to 15 over Arizona. Woodrum had no shattering stats against the Hotshots – 178 yards at 5.74 yards per attempt, a touchdown and a choice – but he's clearly shifting the offensive much better than Austin Allen. Salt Lake has the benefit of a two-headed rushing monster in Joel Bouagnon and Branden Oliver, easing the pressure exerted by Woodrum. Still, he develops good relationships with De Mornay Pierson-El on the outside.

4. Philip Nelson, San Diego fleet

Season statistics: 36 out of 65, 403 passing yards, 2 TD, 3 INT

Unlike the other players listed here, Nelson was not the starter for the first week of his team. In measuring its impact, however, it is fair to say that it is largely responsible for the offense of the fleet's offensive. He signed two touchdown passes in a 31-11 win over San Antonio, both against Nelson Spruce, who quickly became his favorite target. With Nelson in the fray, Mike Martz 's offensive is finally starting to look more explosive and we have a habit of seeing his "Greatest Show on Turf" days.

3. Luis Perez, Birmingham Iron

Season stats: 60 out of 102, 596 yards passing, INT

Perez has not yet launched a touchdown, but I can not criticize him too much for the overall limits of the offensive. The Iron averages 4.3 yards per game and less than six yards per pass while Perez has a real threat to receive at Quinton Patton. If slow and steady wins the race, Birmingham could never lose a match. However, Perez does a lot of good things. He does not have the strongest arm, but he catches up with a good investment and good anticipation. It's such a cerebral player you're going to find. He knows how to read defenses, check when a piece is missing and get things done. He is also the only quarter to have taken all the offensive measures for his team.

2. John Wolford, Arizona Hotshots

Season statistics: 46 of 73, 596 passing yards, 7 touchdowns, 3 interceptions

The Arizona offensive began to be felt a little bit. After scoring 38 points in the first week, the Hotshots have scored 35 in the last two combined games. Wolford's statistics are always excellent. He leads the AAF with seven touchdown passes and averaging about 8.2 yards per attempt while completing 63% of his passes. He found a nice double with Rashad Ross and Josh Huff in the game of vertical passes, which makes this attack even fatal, though sometimes inconsistent. His health – he left his injury in Salt Lake after the loss of the third week – will be a factor to watch as Trevor Knight has not been able to complete his passes at the same level.

1. Garrett Gilbert, Apollos of Orlando

Season statistics: 48 of 81, 827 passing yards, 5 TD, 0 INT

Who exactly did you expect? Not only does Gilbert have the best number of AAF passes, but as he showed in Saturday's win against Memphis, he is a capable runner when asked. Gilbert's situation works because he is under the good coach (Steve Spurrier) and that he has weapons around him, including Jalin Marshall and Charles Johnson. Gilbert has always had the physical qualities to be a successful quarterback, he just did not always have the right situation to succeed. It has changed now, it seems, and dropping dimes on the run is extremely difficult.

To watch for: Zach Mettenberger, Memphis Express

Gilbert's counterpart in Week 3 was sacked and almost threatened the Express with getting angry with the Apollos. Why and how Mettenberger did not start earlier when Christian Hackenberg just did not succeed in doing so will remain a mystery – unless, of course, Mettenberger does not prove why himself when the 4th week, his first full match as a starter. But when you navigate in your pocket under the effect of pressure and you throw bombs on the 19th and 19th, you have to do something good.

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