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SYRACUSE, NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 6: Howard Washington No. 10 of the Syracuse Orange controls the ball against the Eastern Washington Eagles during the second half at Carrier Dome on November 06, 2018 in Syracuse, New York. Syracuse defeated East Washington 66-34. (Photo by Rich Barnes / Getty Images)

Rich Barnes / Getty Images

The Syracuse Guard, Howard Washington, said Tuesday that a stroke at Sept. 26 was the reason he had taken a red shirt this season.

Washington told the heartbreaking story to Mike Waters from Syracuse.com and also described the situation in the following video:

Although it is generally believed that Washington has taken a red medical shirt this season due to an ACL tear he suffered in January 2018, he said he was allowed to return from the knee injury and that the decision to make a red shirt was entirely based on the stroke.

Washington said that he felt strange after leaving a class in September and that soon after, his right side became limp. He called the team coach, Brad Pike, and managed to get the words "help" and "quad", which was enough for Pike to drive him to the hospital.

The native of Buffalo, New York, also explained the cause of the stroke:

"They recovered the test results and they found that I had two clots in the artery that were coming up from the left side of the neck up to my brain." They had caused the vascular accident The clots were on the left side of my brain, which is why I had lost everything on the right side of my body – even the muscles on the right side of my face sagged. "

The operation succeeded and Washington was put on anticoagulants. Once he was able to stop taking blood thinners, Washington returned to the court in time for Syracuse's first game of the 2018-19 season against East Washington on the 6th November, just 33 days after his stroke.

Washington played seven minutes into the game and said, "I knew everything was fine for me." He then competed in two more contests before taking a red medical shirt.

As a result, Washington could return next season as a sophomore.

He has played only 21 games in two seasons, but he has high hopes as he was the country's No. 14 combo and No. 3 in the state of New York in the 2017 recruiting category, according to the newspaper. 247Sports.

More importantly, Washington is healthy again, and he said that he was "very lucky to be here."

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