Tulowitzki records his first match for the Yanks against the Blue Jays

TAMPA, Florida (Parlay Game) – Troy Tulowitzki got a refund against the Toronto Blue Jays in his first bat spring training for the New York Yankees.

Tulowitzki made his appearance in his first appearance in the Yankees uniform and made a face at the Blue Jays canoe after rounding the third goal following his attack on Marcus Stroman, a friend and former teammate .

"You know what happened, so no doubt about it, it was really great, extra special," Tulowitzki said after the Yankees' 3-0 win. "It was a team that told me I could not play anymore. It's a spring training, that's what it is, but it was a great day for me.

Fourth All-Star, who has not played in the major leagues since July 2017, Tulowitzki missed last season because of surgery on April 2 for bone spurs at right and left heels. He was released by the Blue Jays on December 14, and signed with the Yankees on Jan. 4, for a minimum of $ 555,000 in the major leagues. This will be offset by $ 20 million this year from Toronto, which is also responsible for $ 18 million for the coming years.

He fired a Stroman shot that led to the bottom of the first, then dominated the right field line.

"It's the biggest spring training game I've ever touched," said Tulowitzki, smiling. "That being said, I'm a little pumped up there. People said I would never come back to a baseball field. Anyone who tells you that you're done is a little extra shot.

Tulowitzki's five-year-old son, Taz, who was at the match, was a motivator during Dad's rehabilitation after an operation.

"He was 3 years old last time he was watching matches, and he does not remember it," Tulowitzki said. "To go back there and have him see me again, that's what I thought about every day."

A smiling Stroman said that Tulowitzki had told him: "It will not happen during the season, I promise you."

"Tulo, I can not tell you how much work he has put into getting health back," Stroman said. "I'm sort of with him all the way through this process. I could not be more ecstatic or happier for someone than him because I learned so much about baseball and about this man's life.

"He's my guy," added Stroman. "I would always love to compete with him. I would always prefer him in my team. I'm excited to see him somewhere healthy, doing what Tulo can do. "

At 34, Tulowitzki should start at a short stop while Didi Gregorius Gregorius is expected to return to the Yankees between June and August.

"He seemed really excited," said Yankees manager Aaron Boone. "Look, he has that kind of advantage over him, something to really prove since we watch him this winter. Happy for him because I know this day has been a big deal. "

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