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Alfonso Cuaron wrote and directed Roma, which won the Best Film Award

The favorite was perhaps the favorite, but it was the Roma who won the grand prize of the evening at the Bafta Film Awards.

The two and a half hour black and white subtitled movie may not have the "box office smash" endorsement – but again, it was not aimed at the box office.

Despite a limited theatrical release, most will have seen Alfonso Cuaron's movie on Netflix – and his success on Sunday night marks Bafta's first ever best-ever film for the streaming service.

But there was full of other awards for The Favorite, which has won seven awards, including an original screenplay, a remarkable British film and theater awards for Olivia Colman and Rachel Weisz.

Here are some of the things we learned at the ceremony:

1. Joanna Lumley was only partially fabulous

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The accommodation of Baftas is a daunting challenge. You must be friendly, entertaining and funny, under the glance of the brightest Hollywood stars.

Joanna Lumley took over for the second year in a row, but not everyone was impressed.

"I love Joanna Lumley, but who is responsible for her scenario?" asked Denise Welch, while Piers Morgan described his performance as "a train wreck".

A little hard maybe, but some of his jokes fell a little flat. Here are some of the jokes we liked most:

  • "The fabulous Glenn Close is here, the woman was a wonderful film, even though I imagine that many men have already gone through – the second woman."
  • "What a masterstroke to call it the favorite." Next year, there will be a movie called "And the Bafta goes to …" "
  • Bradley Cooper has been nominated for five categories – suggesting that he is a multi-talented genius … or that he needs to learn how to delegate. "
  • "Thank goodness, Bafta has a host – but I think it probably has a lot to do with not being on Twitter."[Uneréférenceà[Areferenceto[Uneréférenceà[AreferencetoKevin Hart gives up the Oscars.]

2. The actors of the Black Panthers have varied attitudes towards texting

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For the second year in a row, a member of the Black Panther cast won the rising star award.

Daniel Kaluuya won the trophy last year as he climbed the crest of the wave Get Out.

This year, it was Letitia Wright's turn to win the trophy, which stands out from the others by its bright blue instead of a walleye.

"I love my little blue man," Letitia said behind the scenes, after delivering a speech of emotional acceptance at the ceremony.

"I appreciate the fact that it's unique, very special, and the fact that Bafta belongs to this category means a lot."

Who could be the first Black Panther actor to text him and congratulate him?

"Luptia [N’yongo], "Letitia immediately responded, defending the talent of her co-star with technology. She's a little faster than Chadwick [Boseman]. "

And who would be the last?

"Michael B Jordan because he's very busy and makes a thousand movies!"

3. The director of Bohemian Rhapsody stood out for his absence

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One person who was not present to represent Bohemian Rhapsody was his director, Bryan Singer.

Bafta removed his name film nominations because of allegations that he sexually abused underage boys, which he denies.

Singer made most of the film but left the project before the end of the film.

However, despite the controversy, the film won the best sound and the best actor for Rami Malek.

"We had a director's change mid-way through the filming," said supervising editor John Warhurst behind the scenes.

"But with all the actors and the team doing from one week to the next, not much has changed.

"Rummy and everyone else came back to work the next day [after Singer left] and this has continued without much change, and it is at that moment that you realize how many people are involved in making a film like this. "

On the red carpet, Brian May added: "He was fired for a very good reason, not by us, but by Fox, which is very autonomous for us."

4. Mahershala Ali's success depends on basketball. Type of

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There is an amazing link between the winner of Best Supporting Actress, Mahershala Ali, and The Favorite director Yorgos Lanthimos – both of whom played basketball before launching their film career.

Behind the scenes, Mahershala said that the team spirit of the sport was actually a perfect workout for working on a great movie.

"In basketball, everyone touches the ball, everyone contributes, there are only five people in the team, so you can see what others are doing," he explained. .

"I think there's a real sense of collaboration in the sport.Michael Jordan knows that he would not have won the championship without Bill Cartwright.That prepares you to work with others. people."

5. Success smells good for Richard E. Grant

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Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant have accomplished a formidable double act in Can You Ever For Pon Me.

But, joked Melissa McCarthy, it was another off-camera story.

"We do not care about each other," she told BBC News. "Not a single piece, we do not talk, he will not let me look at him."

Fortunately, the actress was just laughing. Not only did she say that they "were strangely well-behaved," but McCarthy started wearing Grant's perfume to remind him.

Grant released his own range of fragrances several years ago – McCarthy was wearing Baftas.

"I always wear it, so even when I do not have time to have it with me, I'm going strangely, hello Richard!" and put a little. "

6. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper split their ceremonies

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The candidacy of the main actress Lady Gaga was not at the Baftas ceremony – but to be honest, she had a good excuse.

She was performing at the Grammys in the United States, which was held the same evening.

Bradley Cooper, his co-star in A Star Is Born, came looking for the award for the best original music.

But Gaga quickly got wind of the victory and tweeted it thanks to the British Academy.

(We assume that she was planning to change David Bowie's huge t-shirt before her Grammy performances.)

While the Baftas are over for another year, all eyes will be on the Oscars on February 24 to see if tonight's winners can repeat their success.

We see each other then.

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