NBA legend suspects Kevin Durant's failed call – SF Gate •

NBA legend Scottie Pippen was one of the major figures in the world of professional basketball. She severely criticized the officiating team, who missed a call off the field against Golden State Warrior forward Kevin Durant in the 135-134 defeat of the Houston Rockets Warriors on Thursday.

During the non-call that had brought the spectators into the arms on Thursday night, Durant took three steps out of bounds, caught the ball while he was still out of bounds and throwing him back onto the pitch. But there was no whistle from the referees.

Rocket guard Chris Paul and team general manager Daryl Morey called the referees and compared them to the #BirdBoxChallenge that encourages people to lead their daily lives while wearing blindfolded, inspired by the film of Netflix "Bird Box". Pippen, however, adopted a harder position.

"I think officials should be held responsible" Pippen said about ESPN's "The Jump" Friday afternoon. "You can not reward those officials and see them in the playoffs, I do not want to see them in the playoffs.

"Because your state of mind is not in your work, you must be a fan of the Warriors."

This is not the first time this season that the Hall of Fame striker is criticizing some aspects of Durant's career. In December 2018, Pippen said Durant should leave the Warriors after the 2018-19 basketball season.

A few weeks before that, he compared the report tension between KD and Draymond Green at the Bulls of 1998. And then in early November, Pippen said that KD is in "cooling mode".

But this time, Pippen must remember the time when arbitration, or lack thereof, can be discussed. played a role in his Chicago Bulls by winning their sixth NBA championship title in 1998.

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